What The F…?

I usually plan out what I’m going to write about a day or two in advance.  I don’t know why, and I am guessing that will decrease the more I blog.  I haven’t had anything that I have really wanted to write about the last couple of days, but there is something that has been on my mind since yesterday afternoon.

I was at the mall with Kamryn and Rory yesterday.  (Gymboree is having a fantastic sale!)  Before we could get to the store, I agreed to let the kids play in the little play area for 5 minutes.  You can’t be over 42 inches tall to play in the area so it’s pretty much for kids 5 and under.  Kamryn is 4 1/2 and she was EXACTLY 42 inches.  These details are necessary for the story.

Kamryn and Rory were having a good time.  Rory even made a little friend who liked to tackle him.  As Rory got bum rushed by his new buddy, Logan, I looked up to see two girls, roughly 16 years old, walk into the play area.  My first instinct was to give them the you-are-to-old-to-be-in-here look, but then noticed something around one of the girl’s necks.  It was a dog collar.  I followed the collar down to a leash, and further down to the hand of the other girl.  Girl A was being lead around like a dog by Girl B.  Girl B was directing Girl A to do tricks and to get on top of the play equipment.  And before I could even think of something to say, the Westminster Dog Show was over.  They took off up the escalator, hopefully never to be seen again.

Now, take every image of these girls out of your head because I can almost guarantee it won’t match what these girls actually looked like.  They both had long blond hair, dressed conservatively (by today’s standards) and looked like girls I would trust to watch my kids.  So I ask you again…what the f*ck???

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