Every other day I fight a losing battle with myself.  My workout consists of 30 to 45 minutes of running every other day.  That’s it.  A grand total of, at most, 3 hours a week, yet I will run through just as many excuses not to workout as there are reasons to workout.  These excuses are floating around in my head even as I am changing into my workout gear.
Today I had two main reasons I tried to weasel out of my workout.  This is one:
And this was the other:
Kamryn in a hole.
These may be the two most pathetic reasons not to workout I have ever come up with in my life.  I realize explanations are in order.   Let’s start with that fancy rug.  I know, what you are thinking; “Amy, you must have spent a fortune on that rug, but why would that prevent you from doing your run?”  Well, hold on to your britches…I made that rug!  I know!  It’s amazing.  Are you picking up on the sarcasm?  If not, my blog may not be for you.  So the rug didn’t turn out quite like I expected.  The edges are all crazy and I’m not sure why.  I followed all of the instructions here, but I think my choice of “rag”, old canvas tab curtains, were a bit too grabby and hence my “I can’t workout” excuse.
My hands are raw and my wrists feel like I have been typing nonstop for the last year.  The scenario that played out in my head was this:  I will be running along on the treadmill and suddenly become lightheaded and need to stop or grab onto the bars and I won’t be able to because of the claw like state of my hands.  Have I ever gotten lightheaded while running?  No.  Have I ever had to suddenly stop running for any reason?  Not unless you count the time I jumped off to throw water on Shmoopy as he was about to pee on the floor.  And I have surprisingly, never fallen off the treadmill.  Although I have accidentally pulled the safety key out, abruptly stopping the track and thus throwing my body into the display.  Hilarious, for anyone that would have seen it, but this luckily, was nobody.
I realize the first excuse is pretty lame, but the second reason is kind of legitimate.  We were at the beach yesterday and I dug that hole that Kamryn is buried in.  Digging is hard.   She’s only 4, so really, how big could that hole be?  It’s not big, but I also don’t dig on a daily, weekly, monthly or even an annual basis.  In fact, I believe the last time I used a shovel was when I was 6 months pregnant with Rory and I was shoveling snow.  I woke up this morning with a sore back.  Not sore like I crushed some vertebrae, but more of an “Oh, those are muscles that haven’t been used in awhile” way.
So excuse number two is a bit more justifiable, but I was literally putting my shoes on when I was thinking of that one and I am not allowed to skip my run once I have my workout gear on.  That’s my own rule.  I’m also never allowed to run a shorter distance than I did on my previous run.  I can match it, but never run less.  I don’t know why I make up all these rules for myself.  Maybe it’s to ensure I keep my girlish figure.  Again, insert sarcasm here.  Regardless, my run is complete and I have to give a shout out to Tupac (RIP) for Keep Ya Head Up.  Yeah, I listen to Gangsta Rap when I run – what of it?  Too bad he doesn’t sing a song called Get Off Your Ass In Two Days And Quit Making Excuses.

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