Redemption Day!

Yesterday Kamryn was spewing her judgment all over me and while I don’t think my interpretation of her words were 100% accurate, it did get me thinking.

Today, if you are keeping track, is my workout day.    I thought to myself as I was getting ready to run that I would actually have a nice, easy jog.  I would still run my 3 miles, but maybe slow it down a bit.  I’m not sure what happened from the moment I had that thought to the time I stepped on the treadmill, but I ran a personal best today.  I actually shaved about 15 seconds per mile off my time.

I was so impressed with myself, I thought I could take this a step further and actually pay attention to what clothes I wear today.  I was going to dress for success!  Well, not really because I still want to be comfortable.  I can’t sacrifice my comfort for anything.

Ta Da!!

A nice black t-shirt and a pair of linen pants.  Ok, so I can’t just stand and pose nicely and I’ll be damned if I’m going to actually use a hairdryer, but this is pretty good for me.  Especially on a weekday!  I may even wear real shoes and let my flip flops have a rest.  I feel I have redeemed myself on 2 of the 3 judgments from yesterday.  Now if I could just clean something.  I’m just not feeling like that is in the cards for today, though.  So just as Meatloaf said, Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad.

2 thoughts on “Redemption Day!

  1. Ha! I need to buy more decent running shorts. I only have 2 that I would deem worthy of being worn outside while not working out and I usually run in those so they are in the hamper or wash almost everyday.

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