School Daze

Tomorrow is Kamryn’s first day of “real” school.  I call it “real” school because I don’t have to pay for it anymore.  We have been anticipating the first day of school for months.  Kamryn is technically old enough to go to kindergarten this year since the cutoff in CA right now is in December.  However, instead of sending a 17 year old off to college in 13 years (yes, this was ultimately the deciding factor), we are opting to enroll her in a pre-K program specifically designed for kids born between the dates of June 1 and December 1.  It’s basically 1/2 day kindergarten.

The purpose of this post, however, is not to tell you how great this program is, but to share how amazingly unprepared I am for tomorrow despite our eagerness for this day to come.

Yesterday, we spent the entire day with friends at a splash park.  The weather was great, the kids were having a blast and I thought playing on our final days of summer was more important than gathering our school supplies.

Last night I got a recorded message from Kamryn’s teacher, Mrs. Moffat.  This is the first communication we have had with her teacher and also how we found out who her teacher actually is.  I don’t know how knowing this information any sooner would have benefited me or Kamryn, but it just seemed odd not knowing until 2 days before I was expected to leave my child with her.  Regardless, I absolutely love her name.  Kamryn heard the message and she thinks she sounds “nice”.  I agree and then I thought how funny it would be to be a teacher and leave a message in a really gruff voice.  I guess it’s good I didn’t get into the College of Education when I applied.

I have also been a bit negligent in getting my 12 hour a night sleeper to accept the fact that she needs to get up early.  We did go out and buy a brand new Hello Kitty alarm clock but it’s the old school kind that actually rings and guess who got the sh*t scared out of her when it went off the following morning?  I’m not surprised, I heard it go off, clear as a bell (pun intended) in the kitchen with Kamryn’s door closed.  Kamryn proceeded to tell me that she didn’t think she was going to turn the alarm on anymore.  Kamryn needs to be in line to go in the school at 7:55.  Right now, it’s 9:08 and this is what she looks like:

Clothes on?  No
Hair brushed?  No
Teeth brushed?  No
Nevermind the fact that she was still sleeping soundly when we probably should be walking out the door for school.  Mrs. Moffat said we should plan on walking to school because the parking lot will be full.  WHAT?!  It’s only about 1/2 mile away, but this would imply that I will have my ducks in a row and be able to wake my child, feed, dress, and brush her in a reasonable amount of time.  Not to mention Rory – I think Kamryn’s classmates will get a good look at Rory’s pajama wardrobe over the next few months.  This is where being a stay at home mom is going to bite me in the ass.  If I worked and had to take the kids to a daycare, getting my child to school on time wouldn’t evoke such anxiety.

Tomorrow will come soon enough and I’m just hoping that I have enough time to take a couple of pictures of my little school girl because I have a super cool craft in mind!!

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