Monday Menus

Soooooo, after committing to post a menu for the week on each and every Monday, I’m already slacking.  However, I was thinking about it and while I do still plan on posting my menu, I’m posting last week’s menu.  That way I can give you all my very important and useful reviews of the recipes.

Last week we were out of town for a portion of the week and I didn’t actually cook the entire week.  Here are the meals I did cook.  I planned on cooking 6 nights and spent a total of $89 at the grocery store for the recipes.  Although $89 is probably the least amount I have spent in a long time for a week’s worth of groceries, I was a bit lazy with a couple of items and I could have gotten it under $80 if I would have gone to Target.  I bought Cream of Tarter to make playdough at home which cost me $4.99 and I bought my shampoo at the store too because we literally had zero shampoo left.  I buy cheap shampoo anyway, but it cost me about $4.00 more than I usually spend. (I use Suave.)

Enough of my gibberish about shampoo – let’s get to the menu!  Please try and contain your excitement.
Monday: We ate some delicious Thai food on our way home from the airport.

Tuesday:  Spaghetti – No big secret to this.  Just ground turkey, store bought sauce and whole wheat noodles.  This is really the only pasta dish where I like the whole wheat noodles.

Wednesday:  Connie’s Zucchini Patties – This recipe claimed that these were just like eating crab cakes without the crab.  Uh, I’ll be the judge of that, Connie.  I doubled the recipe which used about 8 zucchini and I shredded them with a really fine shredder.  I don’t know if I can say these were just like eating crab cakes, but they did not suck!  They were really good.  The kids liked them too.

Thursday:  French Dip – This is just delicious.  You don’t even need to make sandwiches, you could just eat the roast, but I enjoy a nice French Dip.  I added a cut up onion and another can of broth to make some extra sauce.  You likka the sauce?  The sauce is good!  I give you more sauce.
Friday:  Chili – It’s Ryan’s recipe and it’s undocumented.  One secret is cutting up some chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.  DO NOT USE THE WHOLE CAN.  I REPEAT, DO NOT CUT UP THE WHOLE CAN.  It will be a double burner, if you know what I mean.

Saturday:  Open Face Sandwiches – I used the left over roast, made some mashed potatoes and gravy and put it all on good old fashioned white bread.

Sunday:  We made a chicken run to El Pollo Loco.

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