A Finished Project

I have been starting a lot of projects lately, but have yet to finish one in quite some time.  The last one I successfully completed was the little flower paint chip pictures that I put in Kamryn’s room. 
One thing I have wanted to do for awhile is the yarn covered letters.  I finally bought an “R” and a “K” for about $.50 each last week.  I have a couple of little skeins of yarn that I really couldn’t do anything with so this seemed like a good project to use them.  I also just found my glue gun and it has been all hot and bothered and ready to get it’s glue on.  

Today was the day!  I thought for sure once I plugged in my $4.99 glue gun that I bought about 10 years ago, it wouldn’t work, but that little sucker heated up in record time.  I didn’t take a picture of the before, so here is the after.
I liked the finished product – I even added a little bead bling to the corner.  
It is kind of covering a little inconsistency in the yarn, but I felt like the “K” just needed a lil sumpin’ sumpin’. (I googled that phrase to see how you spell sumpin’.  That was not only the most popular spelling, it’s also a beer that I think I might like.)

So here I was, admiring my yarn letter and while I think it’s OK for my first attempt, it still seemed kind of small and lonely.  It’s only about 8 inches (that’s what she said) so it would look weird hanging on the wall unless I put a bunch of other K’s around it, which is an idea I like, but something I’m not going to do right now.

I had found this “K” on Let Birds Fly and when I scrolled down to the bottom of the post, I saw this.
My Inspiration Photo
This was one of those moments that I swear you probably could have seen the light bulb pop up above my head.  I don’t mean to build this up because I’m sure it’s going to be pretty anticlimactic, but here is the finished product.
“K”, string butterfly with beads and pom-pom.
I thought of putting a picture of Kamryn in there, but I was getting a little lazy and didn’t want to find a suitable picture that would fit.  Plus, I was having way too much fun with my glue gun to just stick a picture on there.  

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