Happy Halloween!

I like Halloween.  I like it a lot.  I don’t like handing out candy, though.  I always feel like I have to compliment the little trick or treaters and nine times out of ten, they don’t respond to any questions, comments or compliments.  It ends up being an awkward silence after my forced enthusiastic “Oh my!  Look at you!  Aren’t you a pretty princess!  Where is your prince?”  Silence, accompanied by little outstretched arms holding a plastic pumpkin waiting for that fun sized Snickers to be dropped in.  After a few seconds of awkwardness while the other kids try to edge their way to the front in the hopes of avoiding talking to the weird lady handing out candy, I close the door and declare to Ryan “You’re getting the next one.”  And inevitably, “someone’s” bladder turns into the size of a dust speck and is conveniently unavailable for the next group of kids.   

Now that we have our own kids, there is no more handing out candy.  I put a bowl of candy out, but I make sure we are gone until all the trick or treaters are back in the comfort of their own homes swapping candy with their siblings and reluctantly handing over “just one” of the good candy bars to their parents to make sure there are no razor blades in it.

Tonight the whole family is dressing up (pictures to come later) and we will tour the neighborhood, collecting delicious morsels of chocolate, sugar, nugget and the like until someone has a meltdown or until one of the kids gets the crap scared out of them by an overzealous homeowner who isn’t good at recognizing the age of his audience.  I’ll put my money on Rory for both instances.  I may keep a tally of how many times I hear “Mommy, that scares me!” from my little boy.

Here is a collection of our costumes over the years.

Super Girl and Mummy

Ron Burgundy and Tits McGee  (This wasn’t Halloween, but too good not to include)

Cowgirl and her pony.
Baby Elephant
The Statue of Liberty

A little bigger baby elephant.

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