5 Miles!

My workout of choice is running.  I’m not fast nor am I able to run far, but I somewhat enjoy it and it keeps my flabby areas a little less jiggly than they use to be.  When Kamryn started school this year, I kept hearing about a Running Club that they offered.  I didn’t really think it would be aimed at the kindergarten kids, but to my surprise, all grades are encouraged to participate. 

Running Club is every Tuesday and Thursday.  The kids can run during their recess and for each lap they complete they get a card.  Each lap is .2 miles so 5 laps = 1 mile.  Kamryn’s recess is only 15 minutes and in that time she has to eat her snack, giggle with her friends and then try and get a lap or two of running in, if she chooses to participate. 

The first couple of times she had running club she would run a lap or two.  She handed in her lap cards and basically got nothing in return and I noticed her enthusiasm waning.  I kept encouraging her because for every 5 miles a child runs, they get a ribbon. If they make it 20 miles, they get a ticket to the aquarium. She would run a lap on most days and other days she told me she wanted to play on the playground instead.  That was perfectly fine with me, but I just know my little girl and I know if she got that ribbon, she would be so proud of herself.

Right before Kamryn’s holiday break there was a special guest who came to Running Club to talk to the kids about exercise and running.  On that day Kamryn got to do something that the majority of us will never get to do.  She got to run with an Olympian! Steve Scott, who is known for being one of the best milers in American history was running with my little girl!  Of course I found it to be more impressive than she did, but one day she’ll appreciate it, I hope.  I did make a pretty big deal about it and it got her excited about Running Club again.

Today, on the first occurrence of Running Club in 2012, Kamryn earned her 5 Mile ribbon!  And just as I suspected, she’s been wearing her ribbon all day and she couldn’t be happier!

5 thoughts on “5 Miles!

  1. How COOL is this!? Running Club for kids! EXCELLENT! And running with an Olympian is outta sight! But, her ribbon,happy face and a proud mama is THE BEST, huh?!

  2. I know! I get so excited about all these things and I know Kamryn is thinking I'm crazy, but I love that she gets to have these experiences. I only hope running with Olympians doesn't become "old hat" to her by the time she is 10.

  3. LOL! Right,that would be bad. "How was school?" And in response she says, "Fine, learned how to divide fractions and ran with Usain Bolt again today. Oh, and we have a field trip tomorrow."

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