I’m going to be making a couple of changes to my blog over the next 31 days.  My friend, Nat, who writes what I like to call a real blog, Crafting Crazy, sent me an email today about a challenge she has done in the past.  It’s called 31 Days To Build A Better Blog.  From what I can tell, I’m given a new task or challenge everyday for a month to help me improve my blog, gain an audience and to give my writing an overall sense of purpose.

This is kind of scary for me.  I was telling Ryan that this is almost like having a job!  I haven’t had to be responsible for something everyday for over 3 years.  Oh, yeah, I’m responsible for my kids everyday, and I have been told “that’s the hardest job” more times than I can count, but I don’t answer to anyone, there are no deadlines, making a mess of something usually makes the minions happy and did I mention I don’t answer to anyone?  What I’m getting at is that I really like not working.

The more I think about the next month (the challenge starts on the 16th) the more excited I am getting.  Sometimes I have these little fantasies about a random person reading a post I wrote and it changing their life…then they email me and tell me how I have made their life so awesome and tell me their whole story.  Oh wait, that’s me…yeah, I do that stuff.  I’ve done it twice.  The funny part about it is that people tend to say things they normally wouldn’t because they are anonymous on the internet.  I tell people EXACTLY who I am.  I don’t give out my phone number or anything like that, but if they really wanted to find out where I lived, it wouldn’t be that hard.  Especially for the one blogger that I just sent a card to and put my return address on the envelope.

So, with that being said, we’ll see if I can’t make myself into a real blogger in the next few weeks!

Kamryn took this picture of me about 6 months ago, but it’s exactly where I am whenever I am doing my blog.  Also, if I don’t include a picture, there isn’t a thumbnail when I post this and hate that.

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