Told Ya So!

Remember yesterday when I was bragging about having Kamryn’s Valentines done?  Well, like I said, whenever I do things in advance, it ends up working against me. I couldn’t wait one measly day, could I?  Kamryn brought home a note today about how this whole Valentine thing is supposed to go down.

I had Kamryn address all of her Valentines to her classmates.  I told her it was important for her to write their names on each and every envelope.  Guess who doesn’t think it’s important?  Her teacher.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the point is to make the Valentines completely ambiguous so they can just be handed out to anyone.  I have failed in that respect as well.  Not only are they all addressed, but I gave sports pencils and pads to the boys and the girls are all getting ones similar to the one I posted yesterday.  I like to play into stereotypes every once and awhile.

My final fail in regards to the Valentines is that I didn’t have Kamryn sign any of them.  I printed her name right on the picture.  Not only that, but I had a stamp made with her name on it (not just for the Valentines) and she wanted to use that to stamp her name on the envelopes.  The note specifically said that the kids were to write their name on each Valentine.

Luckily, I have a ton of envelopes, but Kamryn is pretty pissed off about having to redo all of them.  She’s also concerned that the kids aren’t going to get the ones she wants them to get.  She picked out specific pencils for each kid.  I have to ask her teacher if it’s OK that I segregated the boys and girls so at least I can assure her that one of the girls won’t get a football pencil.  God forbid!  I’m sure we’ll be feverishly writing her name on a bunch of envelopes on February 13th – just like we should have planned anyway.

5 thoughts on “Told Ya So!

  1. Oh, how frustrating! If our homeroom moms hadn’t sent out nine emails explaining the same rules as your teacher has, I’m sure we’d be in the same boat. Good luck on then13th

    • I should have known there would be some guidelines – the kids are 5 years old. I have no one to blame but myself. I’m volunteering in the classroom tomorrow so maybe I can score some points that way!!

  2. It so doesn’t matter. No one is going to care. I wouldn’t bother having her redo them. We got a huge thing from the preschool last year about how we aren’t supposed to give candy, and people still did. Guess what, they didn’t kick any of them out of school or make them go home and get new ones.

    • I like to follow the rules – I just don’t like to wait for them to be announced. We’re living in a society, Janis!!! Girls cannot receive baseball pencils!!! I’m kidding – I probably won’t redo them, Kamryn is just going to have to step it up when she is handing them out.

  3. That stinks, but sounds like something I would do too. I’m sorry. I would just say heck with the class rules and go with what makes Kamryn excited to hand them out, which is really what holidays are about.

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