We Need A Vacation!

Kamryn has a week off from school at the end of February.  The school district calls it “Ski Week”.  This isn’t her spring break, that is another week in April.  I don’t know who declared this week in February a week to ski…we live in Southern California, not Colorado.  Before I get too hung up on the name of this week off from school, the bottom line is that we could use a bit of a vacation.

We aren’t great at planning trips unless they arise out of necessity.  The last trip we went on was to Iowa for our good friends’ wedding.  This is how we ended up going on a honeymoon too.  Another friend, Kelly, was getting married in Riviera Maya the March after we got married and so we used her wedding as our honeymoon.  Kind of sad that we couldn’t even plan our own honeymoon, but we also moved to San Diego a month after we got married so that was our excuse.

Tonight Ryan and I decided that we should take advantage of this Ski Week, not to go skiing, but to take a few days and just get away.  After about an hour of looking at different hotels and resorts in and around Palm Springs, LA, and anywhere else that I consider to be within driving distance, I got distracted by watching the end of Titanic.

I’m sure this will be on my radar for the rest of the weekend and I would welcome any suggestions.  Since it’s a little too late to book a flight anywhere, we would have to be able to drive.  And here in lies the problem.  I despise driving in the car.  My limit is about 3 hours in a car…maybe a little more, but I do not like to stop.  I just want to get where I’m going.  I have suggested to Ryan that I may enjoy it if we had a motor home.  If I could lay in a bed or on a couch and watch TV while someone drove my ass around, I don’t think I would mind the driving so much.  Unfortunately, Ryan isn’t a big fan of my motor home idea.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be blogging from some poolside resort and my children will be splashing around in pool.  Did I also mention I’m pretty cheap?  I’m not going to drop $300/night for a place to sleep.  So if you can suggest a place that meets my criteria, I just may send you a postcard!




2 thoughts on “We Need A Vacation!

  1. We stayed at a nice place in Arizona when Audrey was little. Perfect for kids. You know I’m cheap, so it wasn’t too expensive. My friend also owns a place in Big Bear if you want to ski. It is a rental. If you are interested in more info, tell jesse to look up where we stayed or I’ll contact my friend. Wish you came to Cabo with us!

  2. Send me an email about the place in AZ when you get a chance. We’re not skiers so I don’t think we’ll do Big Bear, plus they don’t have any snow from what I hear. We would have LOVED to go to Cabo and if we would have planned a little better, we would have!

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