Me at 45…

Riding the coattails of yesterday’s post about getting older, today I’m envisioning my life in 10 years.  Every once and awhile, I call on the writing prompts over at Bloggy Moms.  They post a year’s worth of prompts, a month at a time.  Today’s prompt was “In ten years…”.

Where do I see myself in ten years?  Let’s start with family.  I will be 2 weeks shy of being a mother of 2 teenagers.  Kamryn will be 15 and Rory will be turning 13.  I look forward to the teenage years almost as much as I dread them.  I can’t tell what kind of teenager Kamryn is going to be, but I am pretty sure I know what Rory’s future holds.  The boy loves sports so as long as his current lack of color knowledge doesn’t reflect his future academic achievements, he’ll most likely be too busy playing organized sports to get into too much trouble.  In regards to Kamryn, I’m going to try to convince her to bring the grunge look back in style.  My parents never had to worry about me showing too much skin in high school – I was always wearing baggy jeans, t-shirts and huge flannels.

Who can resist this??? It's amazing I could go anywhere at all without getting attacked in a paparazzi type swarm. Also, check out the pack of Marlboro Reds in the pocket. Talk about a really cool girl!

Let’s move on to career because obviously, from the picture above, it’s clear I had my shit together in high school.  My jobs up until my early retirement in 2008, all involved finance in some way or another.  My degree, however, is in psychology.  I always liked psychology, but never intended to get my Ph.D or even my Masters so any involvement in psychology ended the day I got my degree.  If I decide to come out of retirement, I will only work in a job that I truly enjoy.  This will most likely mean that the accompanying check will be significantly smaller than the ones I earned in those finance jobs, but I also will never work just for a pay check again.  I have told Ryan this and while he hasn’t said it, I know he doesn’t whole-heartedly approve of my bold statements, but any money I’m making in 10 years will be more than what I’m making now!

In regards to my location, I still plan on being in Southern California, but some days I fantasize about living in a small, quiet, little southern town – like the one depicted on True Blood, Bon Temps.  I don’t think towns like that really exist and I’m not talking about ones inhabited by vampires.  I’m not sure what my draw is to the South.  If Bon Temps were a real place, I would want to move there and it would be fun for about a week and then I would want to move again.  I don’t think I could convince anyone else in my family to move so that would pose a problem.

I guess I don’t really see my life being much different than it is right now.  I can look at that as either sad or awesome.  I kind of like my situation right now, so I’ll say that if things are as good as they are now or better in 10 years, I’ll say that’s alllllright!

5 thoughts on “Me at 45…

  1. I was reading this in my inbox until I saw your caption on your photo and then I just *had* to come see your picture. No mention of the jar of pickles in your hands… do tell! 🙂 I’m totally with you on the money thing- it’s not worth it to not do something you love. I used to love teaching, but now I love my kids. Buh-bye, teaching!

    • I could not tell you the roll the pickles played – I’m pretty sure I didn’t even buy them. We had a habit of taking a lot of pictures in high school – some that should have been burned years ago, but I still have them.

  2. Seriously, this picture raises all sorts of questions. Pickles?? Is your finger in a splint? Who is taking your picture in the deli aisle of a grocery store?? Smoked sausage is $2.39?? (Obviously, I’m kidding. I have no idea how much smoked sausage costs. It’s been a long time since I’ve had any sausage. (You can take that any way you want – and you would be right.))

    • Yeah, who knows what I’m doing. I was trying to read the price on lunchables – it looks like 2.99. Super Nipples, you can get sausage from free. And you can take THAT any way you want. (Your sausage or my statement) Double entendres are fun.

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