Flashback Friday

I used to have a hobby or maybe it was more of an obsession with mullet hunting.  It started sometime in the early 2000’s and I wasn’t the only one.  There were tons of websites with photo submissions from people all over the world, books, t-shirts, hats, even badges.

My friend, Kellie, got this book for me. It has a history of the mullet as well as lots of mullet categories. It's a must have for any mullet-lover.

My obsession as well as that of many others died down after awhile.  Don’t get me wrong, I still appreciate a good mullet – especially a well kept one.  In other words, I like seeing ones where I know the person sportin’ the hairstyle is going into their local salon and saying, “Trim the sides and front, but I want to keep the length in the back.”

There is only one true mullet site on the web now, Mullet Junky.  A solid site.  My favorite used to be Mullets Galore, but if you click on the link, all you get is a nice portrait of a mullet and a short sign off.

Today I’m saluting all of the mullets that I have encountered and especially those I was able to catch on film.  Yes – these were all taken with a 35mm camera so there isn’t much I can do in regards to quality.  A lot, if not all were taken with my now husband, Ryan.  Most of the time it was a group effort.  I would take the picture over Ryan’s shoulder or have him pose while I would move the camera at the last second to capture the nearby mullet.  We found our mullets at the beach, weddings, the zoo, the fair (you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting a mullet at the fair), the grocery store and even right under our noses in the apartment complex we lived in at the time.


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