10 Miles!

For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, you may remember me posting about Kamryn and her reaching her 5 Mile goal in running club at school.  It took her nearly 5 months to reach the 5 mile mark, but she’s 5 and I know I hadn’t run 5 miles in an organized fashion when I was that age. That is a lot of “5”‘s in that paragraph.

Today, only 3 months after reaching her 5 mile goal, she has earned her 10 mile ribbon!

10 Miles!!

I’m pretty impressed that she has shaved 2 months off of her time.  I’m always striving to knock off a few seconds here and there, but Kamryn is committed to this running thing.  It may or may not have something to do with me promising a trip to Legoland when she reached her 10 mile goal.

Tomorrow is the school Family Fun Run, a fundraiser where the kids get pledges and donations for the school based on how many laps they run.  Kamryn raised $100 and while she doesn’t have to run a specific number of laps, I plan on running with her.  They only have about 45 minutes and if I can keep her on my pace, we should be able to run about 5 miles.  I’m kidding, but I am looking forward to running with my little girl tomorrow.  Rory has already said he isn’t going to run, but something tells me he’s going to change his mind once he sees all the kids running tomorrow.  Not to mention, the boy doesn’twalk anywhere.  He runs every place he goes.

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