WTF Wednesday

Oh Samantha, what have you done?

How dare you reveal the hardships that we beautiful women face?  As a fellow beautiful woman, I am outraged that I will now be pitied by so many of the average and less appealing women.  I am most likely going to be overwhelmed with condolences because of my beauty persecution.

I’m 100% bullshitting all of you.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, there has been an online desecration from Samantha Brick’s article, ‘There are downsides to looking this pretty’:  Why women hate me for being beautiful.  I read Samantha’s article this afternoon after seeing a link on the Tosh.0 blog – that is where I get all my up to date and important news.  In short, Ms. Brick talks about all of the problems she has had being, what she considers, a very attractive woman.  The one that stood out the most was that she had never been asked to be a bridesmaid because in her mind, her beauty would upstage the bride’s.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Samantha is probably just a bit too into her looks and was too busy looking in a mirror instead of being a friend.  I’m not going to to give my opinion of Samantha’s looks because it’s irrelevant and because there are thousands of other people commenting on her appearance.  As you might expect, there are some harsh criticisms.

I’m not sure what possessed Samantha Brick to write such an article and think that it wouldn’t be condemned by the masses.  Or her publisher, editor or whomever (I don’t know how these things work) thought it was a good idea.  On the one hand, the hits on the MailOnline website are probably close to blowing up the server, but at what cost, MailOnline?  At what cost?

Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Samantha and MailOnline came out and said it was a big ol’ joke and they had some meaning behind releasing such an obviously ludicrous article?

I’ll say this, I am all for having a healthy and positive opinion of yourself.  Nothing is worse than being around someone who is constantly whining about their weight or their looks.  Sure we all have our “ugly” days, but we should also strive to be happy with what we see in the mirror everyday.  If you find yourself singing LFMAO’s,I’m Sexy And I Know It, with a little too much conviction, well, you may need to take it down a notch at the risk of being ousted by the rest of us.

To sum up, Samantha, WTF?

When I first posted this picture on Facebook, someone commented "That is not the most attractive picture of you." Thanks for the heads up, but I like this picture because it reminds me of how many times it took my friend, Amber, to take it to get it just right. And since we were just coming off of a wine cruise, I can't remember why I was so adamant that she take it.


9 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday

  1. LOL The only logical explanation for someone writing crap like this is simply to get the attention / web hits / ratings they feel they’re currently missing.

    Hey, it works for Rush Limbaugh.

  2. Meant to also say, on behalf of British people everywhere, I apologise for her existence and, secondly, ummm… you know, she’s not actually that attractive. I mean, although she’s striking the pose, she’s hardly got a “come shag me” look on her face, has she?

    • HAHAHA Wow – sorry for her entire existence? And yes, I think it’s clear to anyone with eyes that she is very average looking. I just can’t imagine anyone writing this even if they were considered to be the most attractive person ever born. Personality can change someone’s looks from hideous to gorgeous in a matter of seconds and vice versa. As you might expect, this makes Rush Limbaugh the most detestable human being alive.

  3. I saw this on Tosh.O too! I thought it was very strange…and I didn’t think she was “beautiful”. Maybe that’s just me being hateful…
    Hilarious pic of you – I probably have more funny pictures of myself than actual cute ones.

    • No, not hateful at all – she’s by no means ugly, but she’s no ravishing beauty either. I’m anxiously awaiting her interview on the Today show – she’ supposed to be on in a few minutes. We’ll see what she has to say for herself.

  4. Reason #1,327 of why I LOVE your blog: This post!! I had actually seen this prior to Tosh, BUT I read (Ok, and watch his show) Tosh.0’s blog religiously!!! Ummm… who doesn’t get their news there? His comedy specials (especially the first one I saw) hi-lar-i-ous!!! I think this is why when I first saw your subtitle, I just knew I had to follow you!

    • I never thought of the sultry angle! I like that! I love Daniel Tosh. I had surgery a couple of years ago and had a huge incision on my stomach and couldn’t laugh. I was still in the hospital and wanted to watch Tosh.0 and there was a marathon on. I had seen all of the episodes already and it was the one where he lists all of the words that had gotten bleeped out of the episodes that season. One was “hair diaper” (that was in reference to Demi Moore) and I about busted my stitches. I had to turn it off because I couldn’t NOT laugh.

      • I SO know that episode!!! What a visual!!! My children just asked me why I was laughing!! Literally, laughing like a loon!! The only thing about Tosh.0 is the very first video they show is usually hard to watch!

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