Compliment Sandwich

I use the compliment sandwich a lot when I am criticizing people – especially people I don’t know very well.  If I know you fairly well or just know you aren’t a big cry baby, I’ll give it to straight.  For those unfamiliar with the compliment sandwich, it’s when you tell someone something positive, then state your negative criticism, followed by another compliment.

*You are so brave to get up and sing in front of other people.

When you sing it sounds like whales raping each other.

You’re hair looks cute like that.*

Pretty simple, right?  My children have yet to master this technique.  Instead, they are using what I refer to the compliment open-face sandwich.  Here is an example from each child.

First from Kamryn:

Mommy, you are really skinny.

No wait, I’m not done yet, your belly is kind of fat.

And then from Rory:

Mama, I like your shirt.

You have a baby in your belly?  Me touch it?

Any questions about my “problem” areas on my body?

*Actual compliments and criticisms I have received.




8 thoughts on “Compliment Sandwich

    • I wasn’t going to delete it because I like getting notification that I got comments even if they are duplicates. I like the body sandwich since it seems I’m carrying most of my “meat” in the middle.

    • Oh I am definitely not the inventor of the compliment sandwich, just the open face one. I have to give all the credit to my two little muses – without them, I would have only my husband to write about and he’s kind of boring.

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