Flashback Friday

First day of school August, 2011.

At this time next week, my little girl will have successfully completed her first year of school.  I haven’t gotten that little piece of paper that says she is heading into full day kindergarten, but I’m fairly confident that she made it.

I have been having mixed feelings about her finishing school this year.  On the one hand, I am ecstatic at not having to wake up everyday and get me and the kids out the door by 7:30.  It makes me crabby.  I’m hoping both of the kids learn how to sleep in past 8:00 this summer.  I’m sure Kamryn can do it, but Rory thinks he needs to be up at the crack of dawn.

The part I’m not looking forward to is figuring out how entertaining both of the kids all day.  I think I could fill at least half a day, but I have never had to provide stimulating activities for both kids everyday.  Last year, Rory was still napping in the afternoon so Kamryn and I would do some crafts, read books, watch a movie, play some games, etc.  Rory can’t sit still for two seconds, much less a whole afternoon.

Another thing that all of us are going to miss is seeing our friends everyday.  Kamryn has made so many great friends this year and while I know we will get together frequently over the summer months, it won’t be the same as seeing them everyday.  I’m not sure how it happened, but all of her friends happen to have really fun moms and it’s been fun for me seeing them each day when we drop the kids off and when we pick them up.  Rory even made some friends with the fellow little sisters and brothers that get dragged along for drop off and pick up.

I don’t think Kamryn really understands that after next week, she won’t have to go to school for nearly 3 months.  She does know that she won’t be a “PEPPER” next year (The name of her pre-k program is PEPP so they call the kids PEPPERS) and she is a little concerned about that.  She also said she is going to really miss her teacher.  What I haven’t told Kamryn is that her teacher may be moving to the Kindergarten class and Mrs. M said we could request her if we wanted since we have a history with her.  Kamryn would be over the moon if she had Mrs. M again next year so I put in a request, but can’t tell Kamryn until I know for sure that she will be in Mrs. M’s class.  I’ll be making some space on the shelf for my “Bestest Mom Ever” award from Kamryn if this all pans out.

Next week is going to be a big week for all of us and I’m hopeful for a fun summer with all of our friends!

2 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. It always amazes me the length of the summer break here in the US… 3 months… really? F’reals? That’s twice as long as anything in the UK… right now, in England, they have a week off school for half term. That’s like spring break here. They don’t even finish for the summer until mid July. When I were a lad, you had six weeks of summer holiday and you were happy for it!! 😛

    • Ha! We require 180 days of school and not a minute more! Actually, I don’t even know if it is that many anymore. They were trying to pass something that would cut the number of days down to 165 or something because of the budget. I swear Kamryn never has a full month of school – there is always at least one day off in there.

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