Kamryn drew a picture of her BFFs today.  I asked her if she was sure this was all of her BFFs and she assured me it wasn’t.  How silly of me.  I asked her why there were no boys in the picture – more just to see what kind of answer she would give me.  She told me she didn’t want her wrist to hurt.  I found that answer to be ironic in a very inappropriate way which I’ll let you make your own assumptions about.

Spanning two pieces of legal size paper….Kamryn and (some of) her BFFs.

I love little girls at this age.  Every day Kamryn comes home with a little note with hearts, flowers and BFF written all over it from one of her friends.  I wish I could bottle that happiness and innocence and force feed it to all of these girls when they are in high school.

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