Today I am publishing my 200th blog post!  I started this blog a little over a year ago and while I didn’t actually have a purpose for starting it, I have enjoyed writing it.

Starting January 1st of 2012, I made a commitment to post something every day.  I’m trying to improve my writing with the hopes of actually attempting to write a book one day.  Some days are a real struggle to come up with something to write about.  I use Kamryn and Rory a lot for inspiration, my mediocre crafting skills and feeding my family as go to topics when I’m really in need of something.

I thought about how I could commemorate my 200th blog post and at first I thought I would have a giveaway.  Not only could I not come up with an acceptable prize to give away, but only one person would win.  And really, I think of you all as winners.

So, after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to use a post that I have had in my back pocket for awhile.  I knew I was going to post about it at some point, but I felt it needed to be a special event.  I have decided to share my birthing video with all of you!  Of course I’m not going to do that, but this is one of those instances where you go from “Oh, God, please no!”  to “Oh, that’s not so bad.”  Instead, I put together a montage of some of my karaoke performances!  YAY!  Besides, I don’t have a birthing video.

Get ready to be entertained…in one way or another.


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