Another Awesome Reenactment

I’m getting back in my phase of making my kids do things strictly for my amusement.  It’s a lot of fun making Kamryn do stuff because she is at an age where she has to question everything.  My reason of “Because it’s funny.” doesn’t really suffice because she doesn’t see the humor in it like I do.

This afternoon, with a huge block of what to write about, I remembered one of my previous posts of Kamryn saying a line from Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory.  I probably quote at least one movie or TV show daily.  Seinfeld is always good for quotes, as well as Forrest Gump.  This time I’m going with the latter.

Kamryn is playing the role of Jenny Curran and Rory as Forrest Gump.

Take One:

Take Two: 

We need to work on her Alabama accent.

I originally wanted her to do the line when Lt. Dan and Forrest are in the hospital and Forrest brings Lt. Dan ice cream, but she refused.  I knew she wouldn’t object to playing Jenny.

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