The First Of Many

Rory got his first real dose of radiation today; his first x-ray.  I’m sure this will be the first of many x-rays that my children will have.  I, myself, have had quite a few:  a fracture wrist, sprained feet and ankles, torn ligaments in my knee, chest x-rays for asthma and bronchitis and of course the dental x-rays.

Yesterday we had some friends over and at some point, Rory decided to jump off the bed.  From what I understand, he landed on his feet, which resulted in an injured right foot.  He was limping around the rest of the day and before bed, I gave him a little ibuprofen.  I tried to get him to ice it, but that wasn’t really working, nor was getting him to lie down with his foot on some pillows.  I figured I would be able to tell if he was really hurt when he got up today and if he was still limping, I would take him in to have it looked at.

This morning, Rory came hobbling into my room and when I asked him how his foot felt, he said, with the most pained expression he could muster, “It hurts really bad.”  Hmmm, still not entirely convinced, I asked him if we needed to go to the doctor.  I know a lot of kids are afraid of the doctor because that is where shots are administered, but my kids love the doctor.  I don’t know why and I can’t really complain, but it ruins that gauge of determining how bad something is.

I decided better to have it checked and have nothing be wrong than to have him potentially injure it further.  However, I kept hearing my dad’s words of comfort when we got hurt, It’s a long way from your heart, Am.  It made us tougher, but at the same time, I remember secretly hoping I would have a heart injury so I could shove that in my dad’s face!  I’d show him!

Once we got to the doctor’s office, Rory hopped right up on the table.

Here is a close up of the injured foot.  I think this picture makes his foot look deformed, but there are no bruises or swelling at all.The doctor came in, wiggled his feet around and asked him to point his toes.  Instead he pointed at his toes and continued to do so for the rest of the exam.  She sent us down to radiology where Rory astounded the x-ray technician by not screaming or crying when he made me stand behind the wall to take the picture.  He also told Rory to smile before he took the picture, which he did.  Oh Buddy.

The x-rays didn’t show any fractures or broken bones and the diagnosis is a soft tissue injury.  I mentioned to the doctor that his gymnastics class was this afternoon and she said to have him go and if it hurts him, he’ll let you know.

When he got to gymnastics, he told one of the coaches, “I got a bad wheel.”  Damn, I love that kid!



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