Daydream Belieber

That’s not a typo.  Today I learned that a Justin Bieber fan is called a Belieber.  I also learned that my 5 year old daughter is a Belieber.

I like to think of myself as a little knowledgeable when it comes to what the kids are listening to these days.  (Says the girl who titled her blog post after a Monkees song.)  I haven’t programmed any soft rock stations in my car yet, although I do love me some Air Supply.

Last week Justin was on the Today Show’s Friday Concert Series.  Kamryn really likes his song, Boyfriend, and she has mentioned that she likes Justin Bieber, but I thought  that was more influence from one of her friends from school.   When he sang “her song”, she was dancing around the living room and had this big cheesy grin on her face.

When Justin first became popular a few years ago, I was far from a fan.  I actually kind of despised him.  I hated that hair cut and I still do.  His voice was too high and prepubescent. So when Kamryn and I watched him on the Today Show last week, I thought , Hmmm – he’s a cute kid.  I guess his voice isn’t that high.  How old is he again?

Last night there was a Justin Bieber special on TV that Kamryn asked me to record for her.  I did, and this morning when she got up, she asked to watch it.

A captive audience.

Ahhhh, The Biebs.

I guess I can start packing up all the princess crap – it looks like there is a new favorite.


2 thoughts on “Daydream Belieber

  1. It’s okay… it’s not too late… keep calm, don’t panic, you can get help… and most insurance plans cover therapy now. Check with hubby’s health care provider but it’s not too late for Kamryn to become a normal little girl again LOL


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