Maximizing My Time

Today we drive up to Temecula to see a good friend and her family.  Ryan and Rachelle grew up together and have known each other practically their entire lives.  Rachelle’s husband’s family lives a short 30 minute drive north of us and they are out visiting for a few days.
On the way up to Temecula, we passed a restaurant called Duke’s Mesquite Broiler.


We joked about picking up a chicken for dinner, but due to a recent craving, I had crab legs on the menu for tonight.  Well, after 5 hours in the hot sun, we were coming up on Duke’s again and the convenience factor won. 
I sent Ryan in for a bird.  I still plan on making my crab legs, but while he is in there awaiting smokey goodness, I just knocked out my blog post for the day!

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