I was originally going to title this Reunited And It Feels So Good but I’m going to write about Kamryn and that seemed slightly inappropriate.

This afternoon we went to the pool, again.  I made a deal with Kamryn that if we went to the pool today, she had to ride her bike around the lake with me tomorrow when I did my run.  She agreed and she was jumping in the pool minutes later.

We were there for about 20 minutes when I heard someone say, “Look!  It’s Kamryn!”  I saw a little girl that I didn’t recognize and then a smaller boy who I immediately recognized.  It was one of Kamryn’s best friends from school, C.

Kamryn and C were nearly inseparable for the majority of the school year.  Every day I would ask her who she played with at recess and the first name out of her mouth was always, C.

I started to pay closer attention to C soon after it became clear that he was spending quite a bit of time with my daughter.  He is one of the sweetest little boys in the world!  It would just make me smile when I would see Kamryn and C walking along on the playground in some in depth conversation about who knows what.  Kamryn was usually in the midst of some dramatic gesture and C was the good listener – smiling and nodding.

As it turns out, C has lived in the same complex as us for nearly the entire time that we have lived here.  I cannot believe that C was practically within arm’s reach ever since we moved back to San Diego and we were unaware (nevermind that we didn’t know C until last August)!  I could just about kick myself!

Anyway, now that we know, C‘s mom and I have exchanged numbers and are ready to catch up on lost time!

C and Kamryn were the first kids to be nominated for the Citizen Of The Month Award. They also share a birthday!


6 thoughts on “Reunited!

  1. That is freakin’ incredible. It doesn’t seem possible that you guys haven’t seen each other all this time. WOW, too cute.

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