Signs Are Fun

One of my favorite websites is HappyPlace.  They have so many hilarious and witty things on there that I am always laughing when I peruse their posts.  They started a sister site related to all things sports a few months ago which is equally clever, Jockular.

Earlier this week, I came across a post called More Of The Least Motivational Marathon Signs.  Having made a marathon sign, I thought I would check these out to see if they were really that unmotivational.

Here are some of my favorites, all courtesy of

Sound advice.

This would actually help me out. All of the people in front of me would be the clue that I wasn’t going to win, but the run easy part would probably make me slow down a bit.

There is nothing worse than having to take a dump when you’re running – or having shit running down your leg because you are that intense of a runner.

That’s thoughtful.

My kids don’t really dig parades when there are floats and stuff so marathons aren’t their cup of tea.

I have never run a marathon.  I have never run anything close to a marathon.  The longest race I have ever run was 4 miles and it was from one bar to another bar.  The longest distance I have ever run was a little over 6 miles.  I know I am not qualified to say whether these posters are motivational, unmotivational, or just plain funny.

Well, I can say they are funny, because they are.  I wonder how I would feel, though, if I had been training for months and months for a race and I saw one of these signs when I was at mile 22 (which many people have told me is a tough one).

I would like to think that I would laugh and that would get me through those last 4.2 miles to the end.  But sometimes I can get a little pissy when I’m tired, in pain and have lost every electrolyte in my body.

I made a sign for my brother the last marathon he ran.  I was giggling the whole time I was writing it because if you know my brother, he can be…oh how do I say it…a little particular about things.  But if you know me, you know I don’t really give a shit.  In a fight between humor (by humor I mean things I think are funny) and your private life, humor wins every time!

The line at the very bottom says “And he’s single!” My only regret was that I didn’t put his phone number on there will little pull tabs for the female runners to grab as they ran by.  The kids insisted on helping – hence the big black blob and squiggle lines and stickers all over.

I don’t think my poster is better than any of the ones above.  The kids got a lot of smiles from runners and even from their uncle, but I’m kind of pushing for my brother or dad to run another marathon.  I think they both have 3 under their belts, so what’s one more?

I’m sure as hell not going to run one – not unless the entire route was littered with signs like the above to keep me laughing all the way to the finish line.






4 thoughts on “Signs Are Fun

  1. LOL I’ve never run a marathon, although I considered it, many moons ago… truthfully, if I really trained and got myself fit, I would do it, especially if someone was willing to run with me. I’d do it, just to say I had, but I’d also do it for charity and raise some money 🙂

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