Flashback Friday

I have been talking a lot about how big the kids are getting and even though Rory is only 3, it seems like forever since he was a little baby.  And Kamryn, well she might as well be 30 years old because I can barely even remember when she was an infant.

One thing that is so shocking is how much both of them have changed since they were babies.  Rory is still holding on to some of his baby characteristics in his face, but I think Kamryn has officially lost all of her baby traits.  In fact, when I look at the pictures side by side, I’m starting to wonder if they gave me the wrong baby at first and snuck the right one in later one.













I tell everyone that Kamryn was born with a ton of black, curly hair and as crazy as it sounds, here is the proof.  Her hair is so blonde now – with all of the swimming and sun she has been getting.

Poor Rory – he doesn’t have nearly as many infant pictures as Kamryn.  Definitely a second child.  He was in the NICU for 2 weeks after he was born and so all of the pictures of him during that time were mostly taken with camera phones and aren’t very good.  This picture was the day he went home from the hospital.  His hair, or what hair he had anyway, was also fairly dark and he is my little woodhead now.



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