Unexpected Firsts

Tomorrow is my birthday and today I realized that I have done a few things this week that I have never done before.  The biggest and maybe the one I was the most excited about was riding in a limousine.  Maybe you can tell here…In all of my 35 years, I never had even sat in a limo.  I know it seems that I live the most glamorous life, what with my blogger and stay at home mom titles, and I hate to disappoint, but alas, I do not get chauffeured around town.

My next first is watching The Olympics with both of my children.  I love The Olympics.  I recorded the opening ceremony last night since I was out carousing around San Diego in a limo and we watched it this morning.  Kamryn watched the Beijing Olympics with me, but Rory was in utero…barely.  I think I was 4 weeks pregnant.  We are anxiously awaiting the gymnastics tonight.  Rory is a Michael Phelps fan, although he can’t tell the difference between Michael and Ryan Lochte when they have on their swimming gear.

Yesterday Kamryn lost her first tooth so I got to play Tooth Fairy for the first time.  I will admit that I almost forgot.  I had her put her tooth in the tooth pillow I made for her and hang it on her door.  I am not convinced that I would be able to get in and out of her room without waking her.  Luckily, I saw that pillow hanging on the door when we got home last night or I know I would have totally forgot about it.

It’s been a fairly exciting week for me and tomorrow, I cross over into my late thirties.


14 thoughts on “Unexpected Firsts

    • IF I post? IF? I have posted everyday for the last 7 months! I suppose if I wanted to give myself a pass, I could do it today, but I won’t.

      • 100% sober. I think I had enough to drink on Friday night to last me awhile. I’m waiting for the drunk interview I gave about the band we saw to show up on youtube.

      • I think I’m going to plead with the bar to take it down if it ever surfaces. The guy interviewing me was laughing while he was asking me questions because my answers were borderline inappropriate…my last words were shouted over my shoulder as I ran off – something about having to catch my limo. Awful.

    • I really like everything, but stuff with fake fruit or actually, real fruit too. I’m also a fan of buttercream, cream cheese or any other kind of frosting but fondant. I will leave it up to your creative genius!

      • Hmmm…maybe I should make a play on the lemon cupcake I do and make it orange and then make a champagne buttercream. Like a mimosa cupcake! Mmmm….

      • BTW, I never like fruit in my desserts either. The only fruit that should touch chocolate is a strawberry.

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