Vacation Post

Ryan and I are on a little weekend vacation in Chicago do the posts over the next few days will be short and based on the events of that particular day.
The first big news, and actually has nothing to do with our trip is that Rory has a spot in preschool!  I’m do excited to tell him, but I’m also feeling extremely anxious about it.  I want him to go, he wants to go, but I haven’t been alone for any significant amount of time for the last 6 years. 
Now for some fun trip stories.  We were in the elevator of our hotel with 3 other guys, all of which had very thick southern accents.  In just 8 floors of travel, we found out they are from Tennessee and are filming a reality tv show for CMT.  Awesome.  I was starving so we didn’t chat much more than that, but now I want to go find them and ask all kinds of questions. 
The reason I couldn’t talk to the Southern lads was because I had to eat this.image
That is a bone in filet on a bed of wild mushrooms.   I now have the meat sweats.

WTF Wednesday

I don’t like to boycott business, but lately some of my once favorite places started doing or saying really ridiculous crap and I just can’t support that.

One of the businesses that I may have to boycott is Victoria’s Secret.  I have bought every single bra that I have worn for at least the last 15 years at this store.  I like the products, their return policy is fantastic and when they have a sale…they really have a sale.

However, I have to draw the line with this:

Photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret.

This is the new Push -Up Sports Bra.  Why, why, why would this be necessary?  According to Vicki, “The Showtime gives you great lift and cleavage with a push-up halter shape for sexy style, even when you’re working out.”  If you are more concerned with having cleavage when you are working out, then you’re doing it wrong.

As a woman who is reliant upon a good, sturdy sports bra during a workout, I can say without a doubt that this is not for anyone with boobs.  Secondly, unless you are an actual Victoria’s Secret model, most women prefer to wear more than just a sports bra when working out.  So having some cleavage under your shirt is kind of a falling on blind eyes, isn’t it?

I’m all for wearing some cute workout gear.  Sometimes that’s the extra motivation to get out and do something, but let’s keep the boobs squished to our bodies like they should be.  Afterall, you don’t want to end up with two oranges in a pair of pantyhose, do you?



Cutting Me Down To Size

I was taking some clothes out of the dryer today and I noticed a tag on one of my shirts that said it was a size XL.  It kind of alarmed me because I didn’t recall buying an extra large shirt recently.  Maybe alarmed isn’t the right word, but I knew what shirt it was and I thought I had bought a medium.

Well, as it turns out, I did buy a medium…in the US.  In Japan, my shirt is considered an XL.  Not a large, but an extra large.  Two full sizes bigger.  A few months ago I bought some shorts at Costco.  I normally wear a size 8, but if it’s a slimmer fit, I might wear a size 10.  I held the size 8 up and thought they looked a little big, but figured they would fit.  I got them home and I could pull them on and off without even unbuttoning them.

Some women would rejoice at buying a size 6.  I was pissed!  I am not a size 6.  I know I’m not a size 6 and I am 100% fine, secure and happy with that fact.  Tommy Hilfiger, in what I imagine, in some attempt to attract a vain customer, drastically undersized their clothes.  Out of principle, I returned the size 8 shorts and refused to buy a size 6.  Or maybe a more likely story is that I thought the 6 would be too small and I didn’t want to have to make another trip to the Costco returns counter.

The medium shirt that I bought is actually a workout shirt.  It fits me perfectly.  I know that the sizes have changed quite a bit for women in the last 20 to 30 years and a size 8 today was probably closer to a 12 in 1970.  I don’t really care that much about that, but I like being able to walk into a store and grab a medium or a size 8 and walk out with quite a bit of confidence that it’s going to fit.

I do wonder what happens to the size 0 or size 2 ladies.  Are they in the negative sizes now?  Do they have to buy girl’s clothes?  Or do the clothes designers figure there most likely isn’t any sense in playing into a potential body insecurity issue with someone who is that small so they just keep them true to size?


Another Menu

This should be called Another Half Ass Menu, but I like to try and keep things clean around here.  Ha!

Ryan and I are heading to Chicago on Thursday sans children so I can’t be bothered with what my kids are going to be eating from Thursday to Sunday.

Monday – Italian Potato Torta and salad – I have never made this before and it is requiring me to turn the oven on.  It’s a little warm today and I do not want to turn the air on, but I also don’t want to figure out something else to make for dinner.

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff – Another “light” meal.  It’s going to be even warmer tomorrow so clearly I have really thought this through.

Wednesday – Souplantation – My parents are flying in to watch the kids and what better way to welcome them to California than a trip to one of the best buffets in the country?  Plus, I think they’ll both qualify for the senior discount.  Nothing says I love you like buying someone dinner on a discount.  We just have to get them there before 5:00pm.

Thursday – ????? – If you have any suggestions of where Ryan and I should go to dinner in Chicago, I’m all for it.  We have a few recommendations, but I like to keep my options open.  I’m open to any and all places as long as they don’t suck.  We are staying on W. Monroe.

Happy eating!

Shake, Shake, Shake

I have lived in California for a combined total of roughly 5 1/2 years and as most people know, California is known for earthquakes.  I felt my first earthquake about a year after we moved to San Diego – sometime in 2004.

Coincidentally,  that first earthquake I felt happened the day after I was asking all kinds of questions about what one is to do if there is an earthquake.  I had lived in San Diego an entire year and hadn’t felt a single shutter, but also realized I had no idea what I was supposed to do if I did.

The next day, I was sitting in my office and all of a sudden, I felt like I was falling out of my chair, I heard a low rumbling and my computer monitor was shaking.  It took me a minute to register what was happening and at nearly the exact moment I thought earthquake!, I heard my manager yell down the hall for everyone to get in their doorways.

I wasn’t scared – not even the slightest bit.  I don’t know why since the only information I had about earthquakes was from movies like the aptly named, Earthquake, 10.5 and Aftershock.  None of these movies featured slight tremors, they used the best special effects available to them at the time to create an unbelievably huge earthquake.

I stood in my doorway with a stupid grin on my face while my co-workers maintained a more stoic appearance.  Afterall, most them were California natives – they knew what could happen and fortunately, it didn’t.  There was another aftershock that day, but only minimal damage to a couple of store fronts.

Feeling an earthquake was one of those things that I couldn’t even fathom what it would be like until it happened.  It was the same sense of wonder I had when I found out I was pregnant.  I couldn’t imagine what it was going to feel like to have a baby kick me from the inside. 

There were a couple of earthquakes today – neither of them felt by me.  I can’t say that I like feeling the earth move under my feet (you got that song in your head now, don’t you?), since they can obviously be extremely dangerous, but on those slight little tremors where there is no damage or injuries, I feel like I missed out on Mother Nature’s free little amusement park ride.

White Bean Ranch Dip

I found this recipe in the store flier a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would be perfect for Kamryn to take to school with some veggies in her lunch.  It had a big “Kid Approved” thumbs up stamp on it, only had 3 ingredients, was low calorie and high protein.

1 can (15 oz) white beans such as great norther or cannellini

1 cup low-fat or fat-free sour cream

1 1 oz package dry ranch dressing mix

Drain and rinse beans.  Puree with sour cream and ranch dressing mixing in a food processor or blender.

I made this tonight and I think it’s delicious.  Kamryn tried it and she said “Yum!” before it was barely in her mouth and then didn’t eat another bite – she ate baby carrots sans dip!  I had Rory try it and he made the most disgusted face he could muster and asked for blue cheese instead.

Kid approved my ass!  It has a very hummus-like texture because of the beans, but I didn’t think that would be such a turn off for my kids who would drink a gallon ranch if I let them.  And since my kids have eaten hummus and liked it.

I stamp this dip Adult Approved and highly suggest you make it.  It also suggested putting it on bagels (I don’t know about that) or using it on sandwiches instead of mayo.  I think that would be really good too.


Rory learned a new skill today:  How to break bad news with a joke.

This morning Rory came in to wake me up with this:

Rory:  Knock, knock.

Me:  Who’s there.

Rory:  Pee.

Me:  Pee who?

Rory:  I pee in my bed.

I asked him if he was serious or it was just a joke.  He said it was just a joke.

Rory learned two new skills today:  How to lie to his mom.