8 Day Celebration!

Last Friday I started off what may be my longest birthday celebration in all of my 36 years.  We went out, in style, with a group of friends to a Forever 27 Tribute show.  The bands featured all paid tribute to a singer who died when they were 27…Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.

Me and “Jim” or as Ryan and I called him, “Lil Jim”.  I think I could have fit him my purse and took him home.

I got to play the role of groupie that night with my friend, Patty too.

I wanted to stand on the other side of the sign for the picture, but I was afraid of getting kicked out.

After a day of recovery, I celebrated my actual birthday.  It was fairly low key, as I tend to like to lay around and relax on my birthday.  I allow myself the same thing as I allow my children on their birthdays – I get to eat whatever I want all day long.  That’s really not any different from any other day, but I try not to eat a brunch of corned beef hash and eggs and then turn around and eat fried chicken later that day.

I took a couple of days off and then went in with both guns blazing for a pirate themed karaoke night last night.  Apparently, when you frequent a bar every Wednesday night for months on end, they decorate and reserve a couple of tables for you and your friends, give you free drinks and tolerate all of your shenanigans.

Aaaaaarrrrrrrrg!  Eva, Jessica, Patty and me.

And if you are really lucky, you get homemade s’mores cupcakes.

Megan makes delicious cupcakes…these had a layer of graham cracker on the bottom.

I’m taking another couple of days to recover before I finally end my 8 day celebration on Saturday with one last night out with my boob group friends.  I have never stretched out a birthday for longer than a day or two and the unfortunate thing is that I should have been having these week long fiestas about 15 years ago when recovery days were more of an inconvenient break in fun, rather than mandatory days of rest.





5 thoughts on “8 Day Celebration!

  1. Wow! I made your blog! And abohoto, too. I know you used one before, but it was uncredited : )

    Free drinks? I didn’t get one. Lol

    Did Kelly’s decorate the table with the balloons? Wow. They like us…they really, really like us!

    • After those cupcakes, you absolutely get a photo. Amber bought me a shot and I think Jessica and Patty kept my hydrated the rest of the night.
      And yes – they decorated the tables!! I thought J&P went in and did it before, but Amber did that too.

  2. I’m curious to hear about the shenanigans LOL I always used to say, I wish my last name was Flannigan… then I could have my own reality show called “Shenanigans with the Flannigans”

    Boom boom!


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