Flashback Friday

My Flashback Friday post isn’t so much about the picture, since I just took it about 15 minutes ago, but a reminder of the made up or mispronounced words that Kamryn and Rory have had.

There is nothing better than listening to kids try and say words that are a little difficult to pronounce or not even difficult to pronounce, but just wrong or made up.  Here are some of my favorites along with their translations.

What My Kids Say Translation
Gobbles Goggles
Hangaburger Hamburger
Matatoes Potatoes
Shmoopy (our cat we had) Zzzzzzzzth
Nunu Milk
Daddy Nunu Beer
Me Mommy
Da Daddy
Uh Come here
Acause Because
Melmo Elmo
Happy Milk Happy Meal
Oatmilk Oatmeal
Bawk Bawk Chicken

All of those little words and mispronunciations are here one day and gone the next.  For instance, Kamryn mispronounced hamburger until about 6 months ago.  They made a little book at school called The Humungous Hamburger and suddenly, she wasn’t saying hangaburger anymore.  That was Ryan’s favorite.

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