Bad News

When Kamryn tells me she has bad news, I know immediately it involves Rory in one way or another and I’m going to be cleaning something.  What that something is, only finding a little 3 year old boy will reveal that information.

After Kamryn told me she had bad news, I heard a door shut.  Rory was hiding.  I got up and went back towards my bedroom and there was the unmistakable odor of fingernail polish.  I saw the lid and brush to a bottle of green polish on the bathroom floor and the bottle a couple feet away, thankfully right side up.

Rory was taking shelter in the other bathroom.  I opened the door to a naked little boy who had painted himself, namely his penis, in green fingernail polish.  The unfortunate property of fingernail polish is that it gets very sticky as it dries and Rory was discovering that his twig was sticking to his berries and it wasn’t very pleasant, although he still was giggling about his self made body art.

I was stifling a laugh and trying to speak in my stern voice, but I don’t think I pulled it off.  I sent Rory out to the living room to show his father what he had done.  As much as Ryan was trying to sound disappointed, he wasn’t very convincing either.

I had the fingernail polish remover in hand and told Rory he wasn’t going to like the removal process.  I started at his face and worked my way down.  As you might expect, it was all fun and games until Rory felt the sting of the acetone in his nether regions.

That’s a sting that’s going to stick with him for awhile and there was no argument when I told him to stay out of the fingernail polish.

2 thoughts on “Bad News

  1. LOL You do realise you’ll be paying for this in the future, right?

    Specifically, you’ll be paying for the therapist he’ll need when he discovers his Mum posted this online for all to see..

    Hey Rory… at least there wasn’t any pictures 😉

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