WTF Wednesday

I get the award today.

Do you remember when you were a kid you knew exactly when school was out and when it started again?  You also knew when you were going to have that first holiday or teacher inservice day off and every single holiday.

Last week we were on vacation and I was asked about 58 times when Kamryn started school.  I told everyone that she started on Thursday, the 23rd.  I expressed my concern that we haven’t begun to get back into a bedtime routine and I had precious few days to try and get her (not to mention me) back to going to bed at a decent hour.

Well, guess what.  School doesn’t start next Thursday, it starts next WEDNESDAY!  I just found out today.  It’s one day – not a huge deal, but how did I not realize the actual day that my child needed to go to school?  It’s the first day!  It’s not like I showed up on some random day that they had off.  I wasn’t going to be there on the FIRST day.

I missed a final once in college.  It was rescheduled about 1/3 into the semester and had I actually gone to class instead of thinking I could get by with only reading the text book, I would have seen the new final date plastered at the top of the overhead projector sheet.

Fortunately for me and about 5 others, our professor allowed us to take the final.  Somehow the other 295 people in the class showed up.  Not that it did me any good.  I believe I got a D in Human Biology, but an A in the lab and that brought me up to a C.  I still think my professor used that as a test to see who was stupid enough not to go to class.

*slowly raising my hand*

It was a teachable moment for me – I’m not saying I never skipped class again, but I certainly didn’t miss two classes in a row, much less an entire semester.

I have to make sure that I pass on my learned experiences to my kids.  Let’s start with the first day of kindergarten.

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday

  1. You know we wouldn’t have let you miss it. Hell, we are going to karaoke that night. I will be posting about it for sure!

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