Rory learned a new skill today:  How to break bad news with a joke.

This morning Rory came in to wake me up with this:

Rory:  Knock, knock.

Me:  Who’s there.

Rory:  Pee.

Me:  Pee who?

Rory:  I pee in my bed.

I asked him if he was serious or it was just a joke.  He said it was just a joke.

Rory learned two new skills today:  How to lie to his mom.

5 thoughts on “Knock-Knock

  1. LOL Fortunately, James hasn’t peed in his bed for years… having said that, I’ve probably just jinxed it, but right now he’s sleeping next to his Mum and I’m in the spare room so… yeah, we’ll just leave that thought trailing off right there…

    • This is the first time Rory has peed at night – I think…maybe not, but it definitely hasn’t happened in recent history. I think Kamryn did it once, but that was it. The funny thing was, I heard him get up at 1:00am, go pee and go back to bed which is the main reason I didn’t believe him.

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