Vacation Post

Ryan and I are on a little weekend vacation in Chicago do the posts over the next few days will be short and based on the events of that particular day.
The first big news, and actually has nothing to do with our trip is that Rory has a spot in preschool!  I’m do excited to tell him, but I’m also feeling extremely anxious about it.  I want him to go, he wants to go, but I haven’t been alone for any significant amount of time for the last 6 years. 
Now for some fun trip stories.  We were in the elevator of our hotel with 3 other guys, all of which had very thick southern accents.  In just 8 floors of travel, we found out they are from Tennessee and are filming a reality tv show for CMT.  Awesome.  I was starving so we didn’t chat much more than that, but now I want to go find them and ask all kinds of questions. 
The reason I couldn’t talk to the Southern lads was because I had to eat this.image
That is a bone in filet on a bed of wild mushrooms.   I now have the meat sweats.

5 thoughts on “Vacation Post

  1. I think *you* should have your own reality show LOL I can see it now… the title appears… “It’s 10:02 Again”…. and then the subtitle… “It’s All Shits And Giggles Until Someone Giggles And Shits” LOL

  2. Huh! Now my first thought was: You’re on holiday, child-free, footloose and fancy free. Post when you get home 🙂 Have a break.
    Then I saw the steak. If that’s what they serve in Chicago, I have to see more! More food pictures please 🙂
    Have a great time!

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