A New Project

Yes, I decided I needed to take on one more thing to do, as I look at my dining room table with two open and running laptops, notebooks, flashdrives, and hundreds of school directory forms.

I have been following Ashley at Lil Blue Boo for almost as long as she has had her blog.  I was first drawn to her cute crafts and sewing projects, but over time, her life just became so damn interesting to me.

I don’t know Ashley and have only commented on her blog a few times, although I think I have read every post, but one time she did mention me in her blog post here.  The “Amy” she is referring to is me…honest.  I was super excited about it and I told anyone that would listen.  They just smiled and nodded.  To which I would exclaim, “Do you have any idea how many people read her blog!?!?”

Simple pleasures.

That is my segue into my new project!  Ashley is started something called The Lil Journal Project.  At first glance, I thought, why would I need to do this?  I basically have a journal with my daily posting blog.  This is so much more than typing out some words everyday.  Yesterday’s “assignment” was to write a page of things that I found to be simple pleasures.  I filled the entire page in all different colored sharpies.

The reason I’m posting about this today is because I know a lot of people who I think would really benefit from participating in this journal project.  If you miss a day, go back and do it later.  Or don’t do it at all.  I did the first 3 days all on one day and haven’t gotten to the 4th assignment yet.

You may find a hidden talent, a love for writing, drawing or creativity that you never knew you had!

*I am in no way affiliated (except for that one time she mentioned me :-)) with Lil Blue Boo, the blog, products or anything else that sounds legal-like.

6 thoughts on “A New Project

  1. Interesting…no, I’m not journaling a thing. But I can relate to the comment she mentioned in her blog about you. After our chat one night in the car after karaoke and after the week I had…all relatable to your comment. Anyhow…glad I am getting to know you, friend. Glad you got me to like mojitos. (Can those be made into a cupcake? Hmm…I’m thinking you would say “no” since you don’t like fruit in your desserts.”)

  2. That’s actually a great idea… and if I wasn’t half asleep and about to fly back home to England for two weeks, I’d be doing it. I’ve thought about having a theme per day for my blog, actually… but more often than not, I hear a song or remember a memory and feel the urge to write about that instead 🙂

  3. I’m almost tempted to join this project, not that I need another one… I doubt there’s a hidden talent waiting to be discovered although I do love writing 🙂

    • So I started this morning… I had a beautiful leather bound journal given to me almost 20 years ago… It has followed me around the world and I’ve always kept thinking, no not yet…. I need a rainy day or something really special to fill it with. Well NO MORE, that rainy day has finally arrived 🙂

      • Yay! I actually am using an old journal that I used for a college project, but only used the first 20 or so pages. I cut those out and I have a new journal!

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