Dumbshit With The Desk

I don’t expect much from people.  Really.  Just some common sense, a little logic and maybe some interesting conversation every once and awhile.

Ever since Sunday, I kept getting a phone call from someone with a 310 area code.  According to Wikipedia, that is somewhere in the Los Angeles area.  I don’t know anyone in LA.  I mean, I know people who live there, but my guess is that they aren’t calling me.  Ellen?  Tom?

Anyway, along with the calls, that I decided not to answer, I also got a text which read:

Hi!  Is this desk still available?

With a picture of a desk.

I thought about sending back a smart ass response, but I get scared and paranoid about that stuff.  Like what if the text was coming from…inside the house!  So I ignored the text too.

This afternoon I got yet another call from my 310 buddy.  This time I answered it because I was feeling feisty.

Me:  Hello?

310 Buddy: Uh, hello?

Me:  I just said that.

310 Buddy:  What?

Me:  What do you want?

310 Buddy:  Oh.  OK.  Is the desk still available?

Me:  I don’t know.


Me:  I’m just kidding.  I don’t have a desk.


Me:  Hello?

310 Buddy:  Craigslist.

Me:  Yeeees?

310 Buddy:  Is this 619-733-XXXX?

Me:  Yes.

310 Buddy:  You have a desk for sale on Craigslist.

Me:  No, I don’t.  It’s the wrong number.  Can you give me the ad number?

310 Buddy:  Ad number?

Me:  Yes.

310 Buddy:  I don’t se…oh yeah, here’s a number.


Me:  Can you give it to me?

310 Buddy:  Do you have a pen?

Me:  I have a pencil.


Me:  *sigh*  I’m ready.

310 Buddy:  Oh!  OK…it’s 33044….

Me:  Thanks!

310 Buddy:  OK.  So…

Me:  Bye.

So now I don’t know who got beat with the stupid stick worse.  The guy trying to buy the desk or the moron that posted the ad with the wrong phone number.

Because I’m such a nice person, I replied to the post on Craigslist and let the guy selling the desk that he had an interested party and left 310 Buddy’s phone number, along with a request to change the phone number in his ad.  It is going to really blow 310 Buddy’s mind if he gets a call from the Desk Seller.

All of this for a crappy desk:

6 thoughts on “Dumbshit With The Desk

  1. I was with you up until you posted a photo of the desk and called it “crappy”. That is the same desk I have in my home office.

    • Dammit, “Mom426”. You know what I mean! Don’t get all offended about my crappy desk comments. Or maybe you just have a shitty desk. If you try and sell it for $60 on Craigslist and use my phone number as the contact…your desk is instantly crappy.

      • Haha! $60 the person is a moron. I got a whole set with cabinets and files and shelves. $1000+ at ikea. Though I don’t recall the desk price. Probably not very much now that I think about it.

  2. You are SO kind. And I would have done the same thing. Because I have an extra thirty minutes in my life to extricate morons from the shit they get themselves into. NOT. But I’d still have done it. And it really is a bad desk. Sorry, Mom426. (Of course, I don’t even HAVE a desk, not officially, right now….$60, you said? Hmm…)

  3. Ok. That desk in the picture is not right. Part of it is disassembled and is up on end. It is a classic flat table and is awesome. You are just jealous you don’t have a desk, I guess, throwing stones from your glass house. LOL
    ; )

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