Flashback Friday Hostess Style

I’m sure most have heard the awful news that Hostess is going out of business.  I haven’t had a Hostess product in awhile, but I have chalked up quite a few indulgences in my 36 years.  How you eat a Hostess Cupcake is more of a personal preference than the underwear you choose to wear under your chinos.  I preferred to peel off the frosting and set it aside.  I would then break the cake in half and lick out the cream filling.  I would eat the cake next and finally the frosting wafer.

I loved the two pack of cupcakes.  Whenever I bought it, I would eat one cupcake with the intention of saving the second for the next day.  Inevitably, I would eat that second cupcake within the hour.  Screw Sprinkles – I like Hostess Cupcakes. Besides the cupcakes, a very close runner up in my Hostess indulgences were the Fruit Pies.  I remember eating these all the time as a kid.  They were so much better than real pie because of that layer of sugary glaze on the outside.  I didn’t like pie crust as a kid because it wasn’t sweet enough.  This solved that problem and made a piece of pie a convenient, handheld delight.

I liked the blueberry one the best, but those were sometimes hard to find.  I made Ryan go out and find me one when I was pregnant with one of the kids and I believe I had to settle for apple.  I had such a huge craving that I probably could have eaten 6 in one sitting.  I loved everything about these pies – the taste, the weight (they were heavy!) and even the wrapper.  Luckily, I didn’t eat 6 because I may have gone into a diabetic coma or had a heart attack.  The “real fruit” pies are absolutely horrible for you.

Fruit Pie Nutritional Information

Another one of my favorites was the Ho Ho.

It was basically just a cupcake flattened and rolled up, but the frosting was that waxy stuff that left a greasy feeling in your mouth.  I always tried to completely unroll the Ho Ho before I ate it, but that was a next to impossible feat.

Hostess held the market on so many scrumptious little pastries like SnoBalls, Ding Dongs, Donettes, Suzy Q’s, Chocodiles and Sweet Rolls.  Each one had their own little qualities and characteristics that was unique to that one product.  The store brand knock offs didn’t really compare to the Hostess brands.  They would do in a pinch, but they just didn’t quite satisfy that Hostess craving.

One Hostess product that I never really liked was the Twinkie.  I didn’t like the texture of the cake.  It was way too spongy for my liking.  I never felt like I fully got it chewed up in my mouth.  Also, the urban legend that a Twinkie had a nearly infinite shelf life never much appealed to me.

I know I’m not the only one that feels like a little part of their childhood is dying with that blue and red cellophane wrapper.  These products really are snack classics.


5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday Hostess Style

    • The general consensus is that our beloved Hostess treats won’t become extinct once another entity purchases the rights. I foresee this new company changing things – siting childhood obesity as the cause, and thus we will be left without our full fat, artery clogging fruit pies. I think this is going to be worse.

  1. We never really had Hostess in England, just our own locally produced versions.

    So we never had Twinkies, for example. In fact, I didn’t like my Twinkie virginity until I was 27. I’d gone to Wisconsin – as you do – and happened to remark that I’d never had a Twinkie but that I would love to try one.

    Why? I hear you ask. No, really, ask me.

    Because I’d seen Ghostbusters and apparently if the ecto-activity was anything to go by, the Ghostbusters were facing a Twinkie the size of Manhattan… but no one in England knew what a Twinkie was.

    However, we were smart enough to surmise that they were some kind of pre-packaged cake and that, therefore, they were probably very very bad for you.

    It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know the “nutritional” informational of a Twinkie when I finally had one. Of course, if I were working at the FDA, I’d simply make it law that all such products have a simple label that states “Nutritional Information: None at all” with an additional warning from the Surgeon General on the side.

    • That kind of surprises me that the Hostess products never made it “across the pond”. I have to say, I don’t look at the nutritional information on many things before I eat them unless I’m giving them to the kids too. Kamryn and I were arguing about whether or not she has had a Twinkie. I told her I have never bought them, but she gave a fairly detailed account about having one while we were visiting family in Iowa. I guess one does not forget their first Twinkie.

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