Happy Anniversary

This is the second day of me posting from my phone and it kind of sucks so this will be brief.
Today is me and Ryan’s 9th wedding anniversary.  A whole 9 years of Ryan having to put up with me.
Because we are here for Ryan’s mom’s second wedding, the topic came up if either of us would ever get remarried should something happen to one of us.  Both Barb and her soon to be husband are widows. I’m not talking about if Ryan and I decided to get divorced.  I feel like that is a little different, although I still doubt I would get remarried.
Ryan says, “I like being married to you.”  In other words, he can only handle my level of crazy…not anyone else’s.  I have to agree, plus Ryan makes me laugh. 
Yeah, I get told a little too often that I have a good looking husband and Ryan never tires of me passing on that little nugget, but he could look like a horse’s ass and I probably would have married him.  My theory is you can look like an ass, but you can’t act like one…at least not all the time.
So happy anniversary to my funny, very good looking husband.  I kinda like having you around.  You are very, very good.