Art Show

Tonight we went to the Art Show at Kamryn’s school.  She has a program at her school called Art Corp where she learns about famous artists and different art techniques.  Each student had one piece of artwork on display that was nicely matted and hung for all to admire.

Here is Kamryn and her artwork.

Kamryn and her art (it’s the one on the very top).

Kamryn was representing the Composition sector of Art Corp.  Her picture is displaying multiple techniques and putting them all together in one piece.

The kids were in interesting moods tonight.  When I told Kamryn to stand next to her picture, she said she couldn’t get that tall and then that she wasn’t going to smile.  I had to give her my “stern look” to get her to cooperate.

Meanwhile, Rory was running in front of me and trying to get me to pick him up and carry him instead of walking.  There was a table full of silent auction items that I wanted to look at, but Rory thought he could draw his own picture on the bidding sheets and threw the fit of all fits when I wouldn’t let him.  By the time I got both kids to the car to go home, Kamryn was whining because I told her she was going to take her shower and go to bed and Rory was still crying about not being able to draw all over the papers.  Calgon take me away!

I didn’t get to look at all the artwork as closely as I wanted to, but you could definitely see that there are going to be some very talented and creative kids that are going to come out of that school.

At the end of the year, Kamryn will get to bring home her whole Art Corp portfolio.  I can’t wait to see what else she created!