How My Children Imagine I Spend My Day

Each day when I pick Kamryn up from school, the first thing I ask her is what she did in school.  Depending on how detailed her answer is, I may ask her for 3 things that she liked and 3 things that she disliked about her day.  The likesalways exceed the dislikes, which makes me happy.

Occasionally, Kamryn likes to turn those questions around on me.  She’ll ask me what Rory and I did while she was at school.  I never do anything really exciting during the 3 1/2 hours that Kamryn is at school.  Instead, I try and do things that are easier to do with only one child versus two, like going to the grocery store.

Kamryn’s first question is something along the lines of “Did you play some games today?”  Rory and I can usually squeeze in a game or some kind of activity every morning, but they aren’t riveting contests.  They mostly consist of 5 minutes of set up, 3 minutes of playing and 10 minutes of chasing Rory with all the pieces to get them back into the box.

When I give Kamryn the minute to minute details of our mornings she is usually disappointed, but what she doesn’t realize is that I purposely don’t do overly fun things when she is at school.  Kamryn won’t say it, but she would be really pissed off if she found out that Rory and I were whooping it up every morning.

I asked Kamryn what she thought I did when she was at school.  Her first response was “Why are you asking me that?”  I told her I was just curious what she thought and so after a couple of minutes she said, “You work on your laptop.”  I asked her if she thought I did anything else and she said, “Play with Rory.”  I asked her one more time if there was anything else she thought I did in the mornings and she said “Uh, probably not.”

I don’t know if I should be disappointed that Kamryn doesn’t think I do much each day.  It’s irrelevant, I guess.  I am pretty sure she realizes that I wash her clothes and pick up her toys.  She tells me that I’m the best “cooker” and “baker” so she knows that I make her food.  Actually, I think I like that she doesn’t think I’m cleaning and making everything livable for her all morning because for one, I’m not, but also I don’t want her thinking that the only reason for my existence is to serve her!