Time To Clean It Up

Every so often I like to look at the stats from my blog.  It’s interesting to see how many people have read certain posts and what countries (Canada and United Kingdom are my top two) my readers are from.

My most popular day, as far as post viewing, is somewhat disturbing.  It’s my post from January 24th titled:  Oh Rory… and features a picture of Rory with his hand down his pants.  On that particular day, it had been viewed 208 times.

My most popular post and one that I kind of like, is I Can’t Make This Shit Up, followed by Potty Training 101.  Looking down the list of the most popular to the least popular, I have to agree with the readers.  I’m currently reading Stephen King’s memoir on writing and he talks about what books he likes that he wrote.  If I enjoyed writing it, it stands to reason that you will enjoy reading it – that is, if the sort of things I write about float your boat.

Today, the search engine terms that lead people to my blog were the following:

  • kamryn shits on toilet
  • ugly babies
  • potty poop
  • penis innuendos

Hmmm, is this the type of people I want poking around my blog?  I mean, on the one hand, there is a reason why these search terms brought them to my blog – I have written about all of the things listed at one point or another, but when I wrote about it, they didn’t seem dirty.  Now, they do.

Here is the problem –  I can only write about what I know.  A life with two small children usually involves some bodily fluids and penis innuendos, I just can’t figure out who is searching for that stuff on the internet.  Or maybe I don’t want to think about who is searching for that stuff online.

As of today, I have had 11,668 site views.  I wish I could break it down by how many people happened across my blog and immediately closed the page because it wasn’t what they wanted.  I have done that a lot.  I will be searching for something, usually a particular phrase and it almost always will lead me to a blog that has nothing to do with what I’m actually looking for.

At the risk of attracting more undesirables to my site, I can’t see changing what I write about or how I write it.  As my children age, I assume there will be less discussions about pee and poop.  My kids will use the appropriate and correct words for their body parts and I’ll do my best to refrain from taking pictures of them with their hands in their pants.