You Sound Like An Idiot

I was just perusing the internet and came across a comment that someone left on Facebook.  The comment said “That picture is adorbs.”  Seriously?  Adorbs?  I don’t understand why shortening words, typically adjectives, is now in vogue.  Below are the recent word shortenings that have got me all worked up:
Adorbs – this definitely tops the list.  If anyone says this to me I may lose it. 
Totes – a VERY close second

The only acceptable one for me right now is ridic.  For two reasons – 1) It doesn’t end in an “s” (more on that in a minute) and 2) this has been kind of an ongoing joke with Ryan and his friend Zach at my brother-in-law’s expense…all in good fun of course.

So back to this “s” thing.  It’s not cute.  I hate when people use incorrect English.  Yesterday, when we were walking through the mall, a woman walking next to me, Rory and Kamryn said she liked Rory’s shoes and that she just “seen” them on the East Coast.  Grrrr.  You didn’t seen anything!  You SAW them!  We also wasn’t going anywhere…we WEREN’T going anywhere. 

Please, friends, I implore you, do not try to start a new vernacular.  Let’s just stick with what we have.  I seem to be able to effectively get my point across without shortening my adjectives and making them plural – I suggest you attempt to do the same.