The Cherry Seeder

Last summer I bought a huge bag of cherries.  I didn’t intend to do anything with them besides eat them, but once we got them home, I realized I would be digging the seeds out of them for the kids.  They were eating them faster than I could seed them and my hands were stained a dark red.

Introduce the cherry seed extractor. I bought it online shortly after this cherry incident and I think I paid a total of $2.00.  It was on one of the deal websites that I frequent and I only got it because it was so cheap.  Once it arrived, I examined the odd little contraption and almost threw it out.  Just from looking at it, all I could imagine was this thing squishing the cherry into mush and still having to dig the pit out of the cherry goo.

We were at my favorite store for produce, Barons, and Kamryn spotted some cherries.  I was about ready to suggest some grapes instead, but remembered the cherry pitter and thought I had to at least give it a try.

If you eat cherries even once in all the rest of your days, get yourself a cherry pitter!  It has become my favorite kitchen utensil.  Here it is in action.

Sorry about the song, but what else could I do.  My hands were tied.  Do you know any other cherry songs?  I don’t.  I could have at least faded it out, I guess, but how much time is really expected to be spent on a 19 second video?