Vacation From Vacation

I always hear people saying they need to rest when they get home from vacation and I typically feel the same way, but it’s because I’m traveling with my kids and that is usually exhausting.

Ryan and I went to Chicago aloneon Thursday and got home this afternoon and I feel like I need to sleep for a week.  This may be better illustrated with photos.  See if you can spot the common theme.  Enjoy!

My Iowa ladies.

The Cubs Crew. I swear that is water spilled on my shirt – not beer.

Go Hawks!

I have to give credit to Kellie for letting me wear her hat – I think I invented an alternate personality when I had it on.

I kind of surprised myself at not riding the bull – that seems like something I would be doing without an ounce of hesitation. It must have been the hat. Ryan, on the other hand…well, let’s say we had a bit of a roll reversal.

And I’m done. I slept for 2 hours on the plane – that mouth agape, drooling sleep. No picture of that.






Vacation Post III

Last night, after spending a day at Wrigley Field, we headed back to Miller’s Pub for dinner. Ryan and I had stopped in at this place the night before for a night cap and we met Frankie. Frankie is a homeless man, but he told me he always keeps a smile on his face. He said he tries to get $53 a day so he can get a room because he’s tired of sleeping in the park. Frankie was outside again last night and was smiling from ear to ear. I asked him if he got enough money to get a room and he said he did. I had told all of my friends about Frankie and within a few minutes we had dinner for him, over half his cash for a room and a potential job greeting customers at a bank.


Did I mention Frankie has a huge white afro? He thanks his grandfather for that.

If you’re in downtown Chicago anytime soon, go see Frankie and help him out. He’s got a lot of interesting stories about his life and his energy is contagious.

Vacation Post

Ryan and I are on a little weekend vacation in Chicago do the posts over the next few days will be short and based on the events of that particular day.
The first big news, and actually has nothing to do with our trip is that Rory has a spot in preschool!  I’m do excited to tell him, but I’m also feeling extremely anxious about it.  I want him to go, he wants to go, but I haven’t been alone for any significant amount of time for the last 6 years. 
Now for some fun trip stories.  We were in the elevator of our hotel with 3 other guys, all of which had very thick southern accents.  In just 8 floors of travel, we found out they are from Tennessee and are filming a reality tv show for CMT.  Awesome.  I was starving so we didn’t chat much more than that, but now I want to go find them and ask all kinds of questions. 
The reason I couldn’t talk to the Southern lads was because I had to eat this.image
That is a bone in filet on a bed of wild mushrooms.   I now have the meat sweats.

Another Menu

This should be called Another Half Ass Menu, but I like to try and keep things clean around here.  Ha!

Ryan and I are heading to Chicago on Thursday sans children so I can’t be bothered with what my kids are going to be eating from Thursday to Sunday.

Monday – Italian Potato Torta and salad – I have never made this before and it is requiring me to turn the oven on.  It’s a little warm today and I do not want to turn the air on, but I also don’t want to figure out something else to make for dinner.

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff – Another “light” meal.  It’s going to be even warmer tomorrow so clearly I have really thought this through.

Wednesday – Souplantation – My parents are flying in to watch the kids and what better way to welcome them to California than a trip to one of the best buffets in the country?  Plus, I think they’ll both qualify for the senior discount.  Nothing says I love you like buying someone dinner on a discount.  We just have to get them there before 5:00pm.

Thursday – ????? – If you have any suggestions of where Ryan and I should go to dinner in Chicago, I’m all for it.  We have a few recommendations, but I like to keep my options open.  I’m open to any and all places as long as they don’t suck.  We are staying on W. Monroe.

Happy eating!