Worky Work Busy Bee!!

It has been a crazy long time since I have blogged about anything and that is for two reasons.  1) I haven’t had much to say.  2) I have been (p)inspired! 
I have been all over Pinterest for the last couple of months.  If you don’t know what Pinterest is, click here and I’ll see you in a few hours.  Feel free to follow me if you want – I really, truly, only pin things for myself.  I know others will tag their friends on their boards or pins, but not me…I’m a selfish pinner.
Here are the projects I have done in the last month or so – all of which were found on Pinterest.  I will be the first to admit that they didn’t all turn out as I had hoped.  Some were huge failures and turned out rather pathetic and sad.  I am sharing them all!  Without further delay, let’s start off with some candy!
I made Butterfingers and Almond Joys.  Both of which are big favorites of mine.  I don’t have a picture of the Butterfingers.  I wasn’t that impressed with them.  Overall, I’ll give them a “B”, but only because everyone else said they thought they were better than the real candy.  They were too peanut buttery.  I’m going to make them again, but this time, I’m adding powdered sugar to the peanut butter.  Click here for the recipe from Brandy’s Crafts.
Next up, Almond Joys!
Before chocolate.

After chocolate.
 I’ll start by saying this.  I am not a candy maker.  I don’t have the correct tools and although I did take the suggestion of the blogger who posted this recipe and used a meat fork to dip the candy, it still was a pain in the ass.  However, they are covered in chocolate and that was the main objective, so check that off as a win for me.  Personally, I like these a lot better than then Butterfingers, but the general consensus was that they could use more almonds.  I have to agree.  I should have put at least 2 almonds on each one instead of just one, or made the coconut mounds smaller.  Other than that, I think these deserve an “A-“.  Click here for the recipe from Cooking With K.  The only change I made in this recipe was the chocolate.  I used left over semi-sweet chips (about 2 bags worth) and one bag of milk chocolate chips.  It’s just what I had on hand and I think it worked pretty well.  
My next food Pinspiration was this:
Regrowing green onions.
You can ignore the Kleenex sucker ghost and the Elvis ornament.  So basically, you just put the onions back in water after you cut off what you need and they are supposed to start growing again.  They do – almost immediately.  It’s weird, but now I’m looking at this damn glass with onions in it all the time.  Ryan asked me how much money I think I’m saving by doing this.  Yeah…so they cost about $.99 a bunch and I use them about once a month.  And I have noticed that the growing seems to have slowed considerably and the ends are actually looking a bit dry – nothing that I would really want to eat.  However, if you feel like this is something you must try, click here for Baked By Rachel’s directions.

Next up are two projects I mentioned previously:

Paint chip art.

 You can read about my inspiration from The Idea Room here.  Or my original post here.

Yarn Letter

These are all over the place.  I started off with the idea from The Land Of Nod, but also had inspiration from other blogs that I mention in my original post.

My next project gets a big fat “D”.  I would have given it an “F”, but it is actually performing it’s intended duty at this time so I can’t call it a complete failure. 

Magazine bowl with lid.

Separated – the bottom doesn’t look that bad – it’s that lid that is crazy.

I saw this on Saved By Love Creations and thought it was so cute.  Mine did not turn out that way.  I did follow the instructions, but I just didn’t quite get the grasp of how to make it wider without making it equally as tall until about 1/2 way through the lid.  Not to mention, this takes a lot of time and is a little hard on the hands.  Besides being sore, it made my hands really dry.  The bowl is currently housing two Christmas ornaments that my darling children have broken and I need to fix.

I made these on a whim.

Flare pants turned skinny.

 I got these pants at Old Navy a couple of years ago and haven’t worn them for awhile because they really flared at the bottom.  It bothered me and I almost got rid of them until I saw this post from Lucky Design – Devon Lauren.  It’s was so easy.  I used Kamryn’s sidewalk chalk to mark my lines and knocked this little project out in under 30 min.  I will give the finished project a “B” because one leg is uneven and because I actually didn’t make them as skinny as I should have.  I was afraid I would make them too tight and ended up making them too loose, but still acceptable.  I have worn them in public.

One of my better projects was revamping the kid’s table.  It was pretty marked up with crayon, marker, paint, etc and while it definitely didn’t make it unusable, I thought it could use a makeover.

My make-shift painting station.

I seriously had my doubts.

Again, you can find people all over the web who have used chalkboard paint on furniture.  I didn’t find one specifically on a kid’s table like this, but I guarantee, this isn’t unique.  I saw this post on Babble and it got me to quit procrastinating.  I have had the paint for about 4 years.  I was actually going to use it in our playroom in our old house, but never got around to it.

I like making things for Kamryn because she is at the age where everything I make for her she thinks it’s amazing.  She’s always telling me that I’m a good crafter, baker and cooker.  So far be it from me to discourage her encouragement!  I made this little tooth fairy pillow for when Kamryn looses her 1st tooth (and subsequent teeth).  I kind of like it, but it also kind of creeps me out.

Ballerina, tooth fairy.

Is it just me or does the tooth fairly look a little drunk?  Not only does my little fairy look like she is imbibing on some of Grandpa’s cough medicine, but it’s kind of strange where the tooth goes once it has been “lost”.  You put the tooth in the fairy’s mouth.  There is a pocket sewn in there.  My mom made me a tooth shaped pillow when I was little and it had a pocket on the back where you put the tooth.  I kind of wish I would have put a little pocket on the skirt or on the back instead of in the mouth.  Irregardless, if you would like to make a baby tooth eating fairly, you can find the instructions and pattern by Mmm Crafts here.  You will also notice that her version is much cuter than Drunky Fairy above.

And finally, my current project is this blanket.

This is also for Kamryn.  It’s crochet and a star stitch that I found here.  It’s courtesy of Free Vintage Crochet.  They have a ton of different tutorials that I will be trying out in the future. 

So there you have it.  This is what has been occupying my time the last month.  I’m also working on a couple of other projects for holiday gifts.  It’s the first time I have had a deadline in the last 3 years so we’ll see how that works out for me.  I will say this, if it turns out like I hope, you can bet your sweet britches that I’ll have another post up to show off my work!

Yay For Iron Transfers!

Last month I was invited to attend my first ever Yarn Club.  This is a group of women, many that I have reconnected with after moving back to San Diego, that get together every month and work on crochet or knitting projects.  I actually do know how to crochet.  My mom taught me when I was about 10 or 11.  She taught me the most basic, single crochet stitch and that is all I have attempted to date.  The only thing I have actually finished was a blue and yellow blanket for my hamster, Fuzzhead.  Fuzzhead was the subject of my 7th grade science project and was going to be on display in the school gymnasium so I made him a blanket with my school colors to represent.
Roughly 15 years later, Fuzzhead had long been in hamster heaven, and I was attempting to stop a disgusting habit.  I needed to quit smoking.  I knew if I kept my hands busy, I could go without lighting up a cigarette.  I ran out to the store, bought some yarn and a crochet hook and started making a blanket.  It seemed like my mom could make about 3 or 4 blankets a year without a problem.  I thought I would have this great blanket to snuggle in after about 2 weeks.  Two weeks had passed; I had successfully stopped smoking, and I had crocheted about half of a scarf.  The novelty had worn off again.  I threw all the yarn in a bag and stored it on the top shelf of the closet.  That bag moved with me to 6 different residences and after another 10 years, it finally saw the light of day last month.
Not the original bag.
I’m not that much further along on my “blanket”, but I have surpassed the point of making a scarf.  I will get this blanket done and it may take me another 10 years to do it, but in the process, I have made a couple of other things that I am awfully proud of. 
We were visiting our friends, J & H, in Iowa (H can be found here) and I was discussing the Yarn Club that I was invited to.  J, alerted me to a t-shirt his brother, brother-in-law, friend, or someone else (I quit listening once I heard what the shirt said) had made.  I first asked if I could have the shirt – it never hurts to ask, right?  He politely declined, but said he would send me the graphic.  A couple of weeks later I sat down to make my t-shirt, I noticed that J had a status update on Facebook about having strep and was as sick as he had ever been.  Not wanting to be a pest, I ventured out on my own and came up with this:
Bitches Be Knittin’
The words on the shirt are what I stole from J’s source, but the graphic I found on my own.  I actually typed “bitches be knittin’” into Google Images and found it.  I have been so excited about this shirt for weeks and tonight, I get to wear it to Yarn Club! 
And finally, since I had to buy a whole pack of iron transfers, I decided I needed to make Rory a Honey Badger t-shirt.  If you don’t know about The Honey Badger, crawl out from under your rock and click here.  Rory has been dubbed The Honey Badger by my brother and he continues to live up to his nickname.  
The Honey Badger Don’t Care