Grandpa’s Card

I started the process of making my dad’s birthday card this week.  The idea came to me in a vision of awesomeness.  I immediately knew it was perfect and may surpass last year’s card.

I really don’t want to keep you all in suspense, but my dad’s birthday isn’t until the 26th.  I’m not sure if my dad reads my blog.  He may be too afraid of it tarnishing the “Daughter Dearest” image he has of me.  On the off chance he is reading this, I have to hold off a couple of weeks before I can do the final reveal.

I’ll give you a few teasers, though:

  • It is impossible for me to even think about it without smiling.
  • It involves a photo.
  • I made Kamryn cry during the process.
  • I was also crying, but my tears were from laughing so hard that I almost peed my pants.

All will be revealed on March 26th when the Old Fart turns 66!

*UPDATE*  My dad is turning 65!  My dad is 30 years older than I am and I thought I was 36 for some reason.  I can’t be the only one that doesn’t know how old they are.