Weekley Menu 9/17 – 9/23

Check out the organization on Amy!  I have been in organization mode lately.  I rearranged my short/tank top drawer last week, put all of Kamryn’s school work from last year in a binder (yes, I keep everything – even the little pictures her friends made her), started new binders for this year, categorized my recipe binder and organized all of my PTA crap stuff.

When I am organized, I do my weekly menu.  When I’m not organized, we eat out.  I’m hitting up skinnytaste.com again – it treated me well last week.

Monday – Chicken Piccata – I don’t think I have had this before, but there was a comment on the recipe that said chicken piccata isn’t usually breaded.  Oh well – I like breaded stuff better and I have breadcrumbs so it’s going to be breaded.  I don’t, however have capers and I don’t know if I’ll make it to the store today.

Tuesday – Tacos/Tostadas – This was Kamryn’s choice.  That girl loves tacos and so do I.  I recently started buying tostadas and melting cheese on them.  I love it.  Anyway, I have a bag of tostadas already so I most likely won’t buy the shells.

Wednesday – Vietnamese Shaking Beef (Bo Luc Lac) – This sounds intriguing.  The recipe suggests serving it over a bed of greens and tomatoes.  I’ll probably do that for me and Ryan and let the kids have it over rice.

Thursday – It’s Ryan’s birthday.  He gets to choose where we go to eat.

Friday – Cheesy Zucchini Enchiladas – I’m really trying to get at least one vegetarian meal or more a week.  I know I could never go 100% vegetarian, but I don’t need to eat meat everyday either.  These looked pretty good and my kids like zucchini.

Saturday – Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps – Another Kamryn choice.  It’s football season and what better than some kind of wing related entrée?  Kamryn loves bleu cheese as well and when she saw the picture of a wrap with a pile of bleu cheese on it, she was sold.

Sunday – Pizza – I haven’t made pizza for awhile because it’s been so hot and I can always eat pizza.

Happy eating!


Seaweed And Popcorn

We made a trip to Costco today to stock up on some supplies.  God, I love Costco.  I could walk around there for hours looking at all the super-sized boxes of things I don’t really need. 

I usually make it a point to never seek out the samples because it’s an enormous waste of my time trying to navigate between the greedy bastards that stand in the middle of the aisles waiting for the pizza bagels to come out of the toaster oven.  Today, however, we were there early and there was an uninhabited sample stand with pot stickers.  

Pot stickers are a bit of a weakness for me.  It’s one of the only cravings I had when I was pregnant with Rory.  It was so strong that I made Ryan go and get me 2 orders from the nearby Chinese restaurant at 2:00 in the afternoon because I couldn’t wait until dinner.  Anyway, I think this is the first time that I have ever tried a sample and liked it enough to actually buy it. 

One of the things that always happens when I go to Costco is that I don’t have everything to make a full meal.  I usually have the main dish, ie the potstickers, but no sides until I go to the grocery store.  I didn’t have it in me to go to the store after our trip to Costco so we made due with what we had.

Here was Kamryn’s dinner, per her request:



It’s seaweed salad and popcorn chips.  Rory had the same thing, but with a sandwich.  He calls the seaweed salad, “seaweed noodles”.  I don’t think you could have paid me to even try seaweed when I was 5 years old, much less 3. 

I love my little adventurous eaters and the fact that I don’t have to make chicken nuggets or mac and cheese every night!