May = Milestones

Today is a pretty big day for our family. Both kids have achieved milestones in the past 24 hours that are evoking newfound freedoms. Kamryn has accomplished something that some adults never learn how to do. My baby girl has learned to swim. In 2 short weeks, she has gone from floaties to breast stroke. I couldn’t be more proud of her and I don’t think she could be more proud of herself. In celebration, our friends have offered to throw her a little pool party. The party has been the looming motivation that kept Kamryn working towards her swimming goal…that and the $4.00 Tangled lip gloss she was promised upon completion of the lessons.
Rory, on the other hand, has pulled off a feat in his own right. The boy has learned to open a door. Now, I know some of you may not think this is a big deal. It’s just a natural progression of increasing motor control, strength and I guess, height. I remember I couldn’t wait for Kamryn to figure out how to turn a doorknob. I even considered changing the knob on her bedroom door to the lever type to make it easier for her to open. This never crossed my mind with Rory. Rory likes to explore. One of his favorite things is to play with water. It doesn’t matter where this water is or, *cough* what color. The indoor waterpark was easily controlled by simply closing doors. Childproofing doors or even the toilet isn’t an option since Kamryn needs to be able to get in there to do her business.
The timing couldn’t be more perfect, but as I was feverishly typing away, the following ensued:
Ryan (Looking towards the hall): “What is on your head!?”
Me (thinking): Please be a hat, please be a hat, please be a hat…
I didn’t even know what child he was talking to, but slowly emerging from the hall, I saw my Little Buddy.
Me: Time for a tubby.
Rory: Yay!!!