Make It Monday

I stole this title from another blog and I can’t remember which one it is so I apologize to whoever coined that phrase.  It was a cold and rainy day in sunny San Diego today so I wanted to do something inside that involved me sitting on the couch and not having to move much.

I decided we needed to make some friendship bracelets.  Kamryn has gotten two cute little braided bracelets from one of her friends at school and she has been wanting to return the favor.  Iloved making friendship bracelets when I was in grade school.  I also loved making the friendship pins, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t allow kids to hand out sharp objects to one another anymore.

I had a 50% off coupon for Michael’s so off we went to get some embroidery thread to only get distracted by the Sears Store Closing Sale on the way.  The entire store is at least 20% to 40% off and “everything must go!!”.  They had a purple Cadillac Escalade motorized car for kids that was marked down from $350 to $160.  Kamryn was drooling over that car, but then I reminded her that we were going to make friendship bracelets!  Yeah, it didn’t quite get the enthusiastic response that I was hoping for so I bought the car.  I’m kidding – who would do that?

After we got home, I got myself set up on the couch and had Kamryn pick out the colors she wanted in the bracelet.  I thought she would be able to make part of the bracelet, but would get bored after a few rows.  As it turns out, the motor skills aren’t quite there to make hundreds and hundreds of little knots.

Once I got started, it was almost impossible to stop.  I was knottin’ like a mo’ fo’!  Is that a bad thing to say in reference to making a friendship bracelet for my 5 year old daughter to give to her 5 year old friend?  No?  Good.

I used those "T" pins when I made these as a kid, but I didn't have any. These big diaper pins worked awesome.

Rory had to get in on the action, but he didn’t want to make one for any of his little friends, he just wanted one for himself.

Rory representin' the Hawkeyes and sportin' his new bracelet.