You Better Not Have Screwed Me, Mark Zuckerberg!

No, I was not in on Facebook’s IPO and from the sounds of it, that’s probably a good thing for me.  I don’t have a lot of disposable income…oh wait, I don’t have an income.  So yeah, good thing I didn’t get any of that initial stock.

However, one thing that I did receive was a message on Facebook dated May 18th, but I didn’t receive the notification until today.  Normally, when I get messages, they are from friends who either don’t have my email address or they are just elaborating on some correspondence that we already had on Facebook so not getting an immediate notification isn’t a big deal.

This particular message was to inform me that I had won a prize!  No, it wasn’t a fake prize, but one I had signed up to win and I won!  It was for an Armpocket Armband on Bucketlist Publications.  This is the same blog where I was a finalist in the skydiving competition and while it would have been really awesome to win the skydiving adventure, this armband is more my speed and something that I really need.

So what’s the big deal?  Well, the message was sent on the 18th and according to the website, Lesley from Bucketlist Publications was only giving the winner 24 hours to respond or a new winner would be chosen.  Lesley just had a baby and I can only hope that she is frazzled as I was during those first few months that she didn’t notice the 4 day time lapse in my response.  Or takes pity on a fellow mom and says “Rules were meant to be broken!”

I am on Facebook every single day – multiple times a day and if I have a message, I look at it the minute I see it.  I swear on someone’s grave that I didn’t have that little red notification bubble pop up and I even went back to check on my notifications and there isn’t anything there that said I had a message.  Now I just have to sit and wait and hope that Lesley feels sorry for me for devoting an entire post to possibly missing out on my super awesome Armpocket.

If not, you can rest assured that Mr. Zuckerberg is going to get a sternly written email…or message on Facebook.